Exercise Library Bonus

Need a quick reminder of how to do an exercise? Aren’t at home in front of your own computer where you likely saved the exercise library from the Female Fat Loss Over 40 program?

Here’s a solution for you…

Did you notice the NEW TAB along the top of the page of my blog?

It looks like this:Capture bonus

Just click on the tab and you’ll see my exercise library there for you.

So, if I ever have a workout posted that you’re unsure of the name of the exercise or how to do it properly, check it out in the library. I want to make sure that you’re doing each exercise correctly. Over time, if you have improper form, it can lead to injury and I’d hate to see you sidelined.

Another suggestion is to do your exercises in a full length mirror on occasion to self correct. No one means to ‘cheat’ or do an exercise incorrectly, the body often finds an easier way to do something once muscles get fatigued. Checking your form is critical.