The NON – Treadmill Full Body Workout

Get the clothes that are hanging on that treadmill off and make use of it! I guess treadmills are okay after all…

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At one point, I told you to get rid of your treadmill, but on second thought, you may just want to use it for this cool workout.



Recently I was traveling and hotel gyms are notorious for having only cardio equipment. I don’t like to waste my time on those, I’d prefer to do body weight exercises for a killer workout.



(Traveling with teenagers proves to be a little difficult for an early riser such as me. I wanted to get up early to train and let my kids sleep a little. Once I discovered this cool circuit that I wanted to video tape I had to ask the GM of the hotel to tape me since my ‘hired help’, my 13 year old son, Sam, was still asleep.)



Check out this video to see how I use the treadmill to hit every body part, not just the lower body….

Here’s a list of the exercises I did:



Inverted row

Decline push up

Incline push up


Tri extension

Plyo squat jump

Bulgarian split squat weak

Bulgarian split squat strong

Squat lateral lunge lift weak

Squat lateral lunge lift strong

Calf raise weak

Calf raise strong

Wind shield wiper abs



Try 30 seconds of each exercise or 20 reps if you don’t have a stop watch. I did this circuit three times for an awesome full body workout.



PS If you do HIIT on your treadmill, you’re golden, it’s that long slow boring cardio that’s a major time waster and you’ll never meet your fitness and fat loss goals reading a magazine and barely breaking a sweat on it.



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