Do THIS If You Hate Online Food Tracking

There’s no ‘ONE SIZE fits all’ where nutrition is concerned. Food tracking is helpful, because what gets tracked, improves. But food tracking can look different for different people. If online apps aren’t your thing, old school pen & paper or even picture taking meals also work. The win is actually in the ACCOUNTABILITY of tracking … Continued

Selenium & Menopause

Who knew that one nut a day could be so beneficial? Yup, a single Brazil nut provides enough selenium to support your thyroid as well as many other benefits. Check out all that selenium can do & be sure to share with other women 40+  

Diets? This or That?

All diets work, if you work them. The key to lasting success, is to find what works for you. So implement healthy habits that are sustainable for YOU & forget what everyone else is doing. Need direction? I gotchu. Let’s talk here:  

Should Menopausal Women Eat Fruit?

Eat the fruit! Fruit isn’t the food that’s contributing to your menopause belly. Choose fruit over juice to get the benefit of the fiber (that will fill you up). NO foods should be off limits & you can eat ALL foods (with some moderation). What’s YOUR fav fruit?  

Fast Foods for Weight Loss

Make food prep simple with these fast foods. There’s no gourmet cooking required for weight loss. In fact, there’s a correlation between too much food variety & inability to lose weight. So limit your food choices 80% of the time. Reach out for more direction regarding the QUANTITY of food you need to reach your … Continued

Need a Meal Plan That Works?

If you’re sick of… -’growing’ out of your clothes -undressing in the dark -avoiding a bathing suit -not having the confidence you’d like You don’t need another diet or meal plan. It’s time to learn to eat mindfully. Understanding yourself, including your triggers & habits is the key to LASTING change. Education drives nutritional compliance … Continued

Tips for More Energy

A few morning habits help me stay energized all day long. For more tips, grab my book: Lose Your Menopause Belly here:

Most Menopausal Women & Their Diets…

Starving & not losing weight? Frustrated with lack lustre weight loss results on your current diet? There in lies the problem… ‘Diet’ It’s a 4 letter word. I’d prefer my clients NOT be on a diet at all. Instead, let’s work around the foods you love to create a moderate calorie deficit that will result … Continued

Overeating? 3 Tips to Get Back on Track

Overeaten? Join the club! We’ve all over indulged. The healthiest people just get back on track right away. Just a reminder, you won’t gain weight over night, but you will over time if you don’t get back on track… So here’s what you do: Drink lotsa water. For every gram of carb you ingest, your … Continued