Pre-Workout: What to Eat

This is another common questions that I get asked on the regular: What should I eat before training? While you may have to figure out what works best for you, there are some general guidelines based in science that will help you determine what that pre-workout meal should be. To be clear, most food takes … Continued

Post Workout Meal for Women 40+

What to Eat After Your Workout…   I’m often asked what should be eaten after working out so in this video I share what I eat afterwards.   It’s important to remember that everyone may be in a slightly different place in their fitness journey. If you’re starting to train intensely, then you’ll want to … Continued

Healthy Nutrition Changes for YOU & Your Family

Are you working at eating healthier but your spouse or family is pushing back? Here’s how you can handle it: 1️⃣Make small changes. ✅Introduce new food items slowly. ✅Let your family have some choices so they feel part of the transition. Begin swapping out unhealthy snacks, for example: ✅Replace unhealthy protein bars for ones that … Continued

How to Kill Sugar Cravings

How to kill sugar cravings… Sugar hits the same receptors in your brain as cocaine, so when you say you may be addicted to sugar, it’s no joke, you really are! It’s difficult to get off the sugar wagon but here are a few tips: ✅‘Notice what you’re noticing’ regarding sugar – when are you … Continued

My Fav App to Support Your Nutrition

Technology can really help support our fitness journey. My all time favorite app to help you stay the nutrition course is ‘My Fitness Pal’. There are several reasons for this: it’s easy to use it makes food tracking simple and shareable with whom ever you like it increases accountability it EDUCATES as you track your … Continued

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Newsflash: It’s very likely that you consume the #1 metabolism killing food on the daily. But we can avoid it with some education. The #1 metabolism killer that keeps you from losing weight is artificial sweeteners. Who knew? There are three different artificial sweeteners to keep on the look out for and avoid them as much … Continued

What Are Macros?

Food is our fuel and it comes in the form of three macronutrients: Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Some would say that alcohol is the fourth ‘macro’. It’s an element in our nutrition that is processed very differently than other macros so it’s in a class all of it’s own. This is a quick guide to explain … Continued

How Much Water?

Question about water 💦 ➡ Take your bodyweight, divide it in half and add 15 = # of ounces you should have daily ❌Symptoms of dehydration: -low urine quantity and deep yellow color -thirsty -tension headaches or migraines -being tired or sleepy -dry mouth -flaky or dry skin/kips -feeling dizzy -difficulty remembering simple facts -anxiety -tension … Continued

Alcohol and Fat Loss

What you need to know…with Coach Perri Stevens Is Alcohol truly bad for you? What are the effects of alcohol on metabolism? How much alcohol can you drink without any major effects? Some facts: ✅ Alcohol raises estrogen which can lead to an increase risk of breast cancer and fat storage ✅ 1 drink = 30g sugar ✅ The … Continued

Traveling? Pack These Foods…

Heading to the airport to catch a flight? Or maybe you have a long car ride ahead? You’re bound to be traveling during meal time and there’s no need to cave into to Cinna-bon when you’re prepared. With PLANNING and PREPARATIONS you can be the one in control, not Dunkin’ Donuts. So how do you … Continued