What Are Macros?

Food is our fuel and it comes in the form of three macronutrients: Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Some would say that alcohol is the fourth ‘macro’. It’s an element in our nutrition that is processed very differently than other macros so it’s in a class all of it’s own. This is a quick guide to explain … Continued

How Much Water?

Question about water 💩 ➡ Take your bodyweight, divide it in half and add 15 = # of ounces you should have daily ❌Symptoms of dehydration: -low urine quantity and deep yellow color -thirsty -tension headaches or migraines -being tired or sleepy -dry mouth -flaky or dry skin/kips -feeling dizzy -difficulty remembering simple facts -anxiety -tension … Continued

Alcohol and Fat Loss

What you need to know…with Coach Perri Stevens Is Alcohol truly bad for you? What are the effects of alcohol on metabolism? How much alcohol can you drink without any major effects? Some facts: ✅ Alcohol raises estrogen which can lead to an increase risk of breast cancer and fat storage ✅ 1 drink = 30g sugar ✅ The … Continued

Traveling? Pack These Foods…

Heading to the airport to catch a flight? Or maybe you have a long car ride ahead? You’re bound to be traveling during meal time and there’s no need to cave into to Cinna-bon when you’re prepared. With PLANNING and PREPARATIONS you can be the one in control, not Dunkin’ Donuts. So how do you … Continued

Solution to Mindless Eating

So proud of one of my coaching clients who reported that she implemented the 10 minute rule and HALTSS…. Wonder what that is? The 10 minute rule really just makes you PAUSE before giving into temptation – this works really well when food is calling your name. Instead of immediately giving in – set your … Continued

Why Diets Don’t Work!

Diets are designed to be temporary. Our bodies tend to adapt to a strict eating plan, but only for short period of time. Dieting can make you despise eating in that particular way, and they CAN’T wait until you don’t have to eat another piece of chicken or broccoli. Often dieters get so discouraged by … Continued

Are Carbs the Devil?

Are carbs the devil? 😈 Will carbs increase belly fat? When can I eat carbs? How many carbs? What kind of carbs? Coach Perri and I give you the low down… It’s important to know WHAT carbs to eat, WHEN to eat them, what to COMBINE them with and HOW many carbs you can eat … Continued

Bloated? Simple Remedies…

Feeling bloated? Please welcome our new team member, nutrition Coach Katie O’Dwyer-Osterhoff as we discuss bloating and some simple remedies… We all get a little bloated from time to time. It’s important to connect the dots between bloating and what you’ve eaten. If eating gluten or dairy consistently bloats your belly, you may re-think some of your … Continued

Butter or Margarine? Is One Better for Fat Loss?

Margarine is a non-dairy product created as a substitute for butter. While originally made from animal fat in the 1800s, today the primary ingredients include vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, and some also include milk. Butter and margarine spreads may look and taste similar, but they’re not quite the same. Butter is made from fresh or fermented cream or milk. … Continued

Non- Scale Victories and Weight Loss

Buckle down and stay the course…You’ve got this! A client was discouraged with a 6 lb weight loss so I wanted to encourage her and anyone else that’s feeling a bit discouraged at this point. A six pound loss (in 3 weeks) is a 2lb per week loss which is perfect for lasting fat loss. … Continued

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