Overeating? 3 Tips to Get Back on Track

Overeaten? Join the club! We’ve all over indulged. The healthiest people just get back on track right away. Just a reminder, you won’t gain weight over night, but you will over time if you don’t get back on track… So here’s what you do: Drink lotsa water. For every gram of carb you ingest, your … Continued

Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast?

Who wants pumpkin pie for breakfast? I do! Best of all, this breakfast packs a big protein punch. Protein will keep you full longer, as well as help build/repair lean muscle. Here you go… 1 cup/175g Greek yogurt 1/3 cup/50g Canned pumpkin 1 tbsp/10g Collagen protein 1.5 tsp/8g Maple syrup 1/8 tsp Cinnamon 1/4 cup/30g … Continued

The REAL Reason for Menopausal Weight Gain

Don’t blame your hormones for mid life weight gain. Yes, they play a part of it, but there’s plenty you can do to off set those changes. And it doesn’t require hours of exercise or starvation diets! Learn more here: https://shawnak.com/freebook/

Have You Tried Intuitive Eating?

Have you heard about intuitive eating? Want to ditch dieting for good? Intuitive eating is the end goal for all my clients, but it takes some time to be able to eat whatever you want with confidence. You’ll be a more successful intuitive eater once you have a firm grasp on the energy your body … Continued

Hack to Curb the Nibbles

Tough love: Those nibbles add up. Weight loss occurs in a calorie deficit. A handful of this & a nibble of that may put you in a calorie surplus. Make a rule to ENJOY everything you eat off a plate so you’re more conscious & intentional. Share this hack with a ‘nibbler’ near you! *And … Continued

Alcohol and Fat Loss

I’m NOT saying you must avoid alcohol if you want to lose weight. What I am saying is that alcohol may inhibit weight loss… So you can make a choice based on knowledge rather than blindly following ‘rules’. If you deem any food ‘off limits’ it becomes all the more enticing & you’re more likely … Continued

Feeling Deprived?

  Eat the treat! Or whatever it is you want. Sustainable weight loss means learning to incorporate your guilty pleasures into your plan. Life without your favorite foods just isn’t worth living. If you continue to deprive yourself, you’ll just end up binging. So, instead of restricting yourself completely, include those foods from time to … Continued

Need a Detox to Lose Weight?

  You don’t need to do a detox to lose weight. Unless you don’t have a liver. You’ll only lighten your wallet & spend unnecessary time in the bathroom with a detox. Sustainable weight loss comes from consistent nutrition of wholesome foods. Stop looking for the quick fix. Join my Food Camp to discover how … Continued

Bikini Confident: 3 Steps

There’s nothing magical about being confident in a bikini! Here are 3 things to do NOW to look & feel better soon: Here we go… 1️.Reduce or cut out processed foods – things in bags & boxes with long ingredient lists. These increase inflammation & make weight loss more of a challenge. 2️.MOVE! Try to … Continued

Menopause Weight Loss Reality

Frustrated with slow weight loss? Weight loss IS possible, it just takes consistency. Like ’25 days of the month in a calorie deficit’ consistency. Ideal fat loss is 1/2-1 pound weight loss per week. Be patient. You’ve got this. Happy to help, let’s work together, check this out: https://tinyurl.com/ShawnaKnutrition