Is This Really High Protein? Here’s a Trick…

Is it really high protein? Here’s a trick to help determine if protein content is high compared to calories Look at the nutrition label Add a zero to the protein value Compare this value to total calories If the value is equal to or greater than total calories, the food has a decent amount of … Continued

The Fiber 10:1 Rule

Want an easy trick to figure out if a food is high in fiber? Marketers can be deceptive on food packaging so you can use this trick to determine the facts vs advertising. This is called the ‘Fiber 10:1 Rule’: The larger the difference, the better source of fibre Here are the examples in the … Continued

Do THIS If You’re an Emotional Eater

Ever fall into a vat of ice cream or found your hand at the bottom of a chip bag without even realizing it? Maybe you’re an emotional eater? Try this… Make a plan before emotions are triggered. What ELSE could you do other than eat? If this…Then that… For example: If you get upset with … Continued

High Protein ‘Bread’ Recipe

You do NOT need to cut back on carbs to achieve your weight loss goals in menopause! But, if you’re looking to increase your protein intake, this recipe is helpful. Plus, it’s pretty tasty! 2 whole eggs 1 cup 2% cottage cheese spice of choice (I used ‘Everything Bagel) Blend, pour onto parchment paper Bake … Continued

Meal Planning Secret (Coaches Don’t Want You to Know!)

Your coach should make your life easier! (But some may feel threatened if you feel empowered to create your own recipes.) Remember your recipe will only be as good as the prompt you provide….So, be SPECIFIC with the nutritional info & calories you need in the recipe. If you need help with personalized nutrition specifics, … Continued

How Consistent Are You with Nutrition? Try This Test

Consistency is KING when it comes to achieving anything, ESPECIALLY with weight loss.  How consistent with nutrition are you really? Here’s a way to track your progress towards your weight loss goal. Put a blue check mark at the end of the day if you hit your nutrition goal. Put a red X if you … Continued

Another Reason to Increase Fiber in Menopause

The 15th reason to eat more fiber? Add combat cognitive decline to the list! This study concluded: Higher dietary fiber intake is associated with improved specific components of cognitive function in older adults aged 60 years and older. Why wait until you’re 60+ to increase fiber when there are these additional benefits of fiber: … Continued

Protein Prep in 5 Minutes

You know how important protein is (I hope), but food prepping can be a hassle. Any chance you could protein meal prep in about 5 minutes? Yup. Thanks to a rotisserie chicken (store bought is fine!) and a ziplock bag. I was skeptical, but it really worked for me. The meat literally fell off the … Continued

How to Get a Smaller Waist (Even in Menopause)

Is your belly getting bigger despite the exercise you’re doing? Gah! So frustrating! You’re not actually gaining MORE fat, it’s just that it goes there first as estrogen declines – I know this isn’t very comforting news though… You need to know that exercise is not the VEHICLE to fat loss. Nutrition & consistent healthy … Continued

How NOT to Handle a Special Occasion

It’s not the celebratory meal that’s your weight loss problem. When you have all the other meals dialed in: the birthday cake Christmas dinner the New Year’s Eve champagne insert food related celebration These don’t matter much. Here are my best tips for handling special occasions: Don’t stress Enjoy Focus on the friends/family Eat what … Continued