How Many Calories?

This formula is a ballpark estimate for figuring your maintenance calories & deficit calories suitable for sustainable weight loss. There’s a lot more to it than just finding body weight & multiplying from there… But, it’s a start. And with this formula, you’re less likely to reduce calories ridiculously low, like below 1000 calories/day. Another … Continued

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Want easier time managing your menopausal symptoms? The pass the protein please! Protein supports lean muscle and lean muscle fuels your metabolic fire. With lean muscle, you will: -have more functional strength -be less prone to injury -gain your calorie burning ability (because muscle is metabolically active) If you want to remain lean & strong, … Continued

How to Sort Nutrition Fact From Fiction

Nutrition fact or fiction? How do you know who to trust? Dig a little deeper into the source to determine if you’ve found info you can trust. Try these 3 things: Is the source selling anything? Financial motivation can definitely color the ‘science’ that is presented. Do other reputable scientists agree with the theories? A … Continued

The Trouble with Mindless Eating

Not hitting your weight loss goals? Do you remember what you ate? (Did you even enjoy eating it?) If mindless eating is a problem for you, try these 3 things: 1. Start with making a deal with yourself to pay attention to what goes in your mouth, you can do this by… 2. Using a … Continued

Craving Chocolate? Do This

Just eat the dang chocolate! (or your guilty pleasure). By the time you try to scratch the ‘chocolate itch’ you’ll have consumed WAY more calories & you’ll still be unsatisfied. There’s room for any kind of ‘treat’ in your plan. Just account for it AND be sure to thoroughly ENJOY it! Food is neither ‘good’ … Continued

Tired of Meal Prepping?

Meal prep can be exhausting, especially when you’re making something for your ‘diet’ and something else for the family. Just stop. There’s no need to survive on strictly ‘diet food’ that no one, including you likes. A healthy ‘diet’ includes ALL things, even ‘treats’ (in moderation). When you assign foods with ‘good’ & ‘bad’ labels, … Continued

Should You Do a Cleanse?

Do you have a functioning liver? If so, you don’t need a cleanse. Save your money & time in the bathroom. No pill, powder or potion is gonna magically help you drop weight, ‘cure’ menopause or make symptoms go away. Run away from anyone pitching detox teas, juice cleanses, or any hormone balancing baloney. There … Continued

Want Food Freedom?

Want to eat whatever you want & still meet your goals? You can. Even in menopause. You can’t eat with reckless abandon, but you CAN eat your favourite foods in moderation. When you stop the diet mentality of super low calorie eating & consistently apply solid nutrition principles, you get to eat LOTS. Results come … Continued

Tip to Reduce Sugar

Cutting back on sugar & processed foods can reduce inflammation AND your waistline. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it! Instead of taking the ‘all or nothing’ approach, try the ‘all or something’ approach. While it’d be MOST beneficial to cut out it ALL out, that’s not practical OR sustainable. Just try cutting … Continued