Low Calorie Ice Cream Alternative: ‘Nice Cream’

Want real ice cream? Have it! Remember, you can eat ANYTHING you want (in moderation). You don’t need to give up actual ice cream for this. But if you’re looking for a non-dairy alternative to help you stay in a calorie deficit, this is a pretty good stand in. This is a guilt-free sweet treat … Continued

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

Tastes like ice cream! Tons of protein. Here you go: 125g 2% cottage cheese 100g Greek yogurt 75g frozen fruit 1 tsp maple syrup Whip up in a blender until smooth. Optional: Add 15g Bran Buds for crunch and fiber. A good way to start the day or as a snack and 26g of protein! … Continued

How Does Fiber Help with Fat Loss?

Weight loss is easier when you’re not starving. Here’s how fiber can help: Including 25g of fiber daily will fill you up AND… * increase insulin sensitivity * promote healthy digestion * improve gut health * (possibly) reduce depression * reduce hot flashes by 20% * reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & breast cancer … Continued

Forget About Counting Calories to Lose Weight!

If calorie counting has got you down, forget about it! In this video I suggest a more effective food tracking solution, especially if you’re a menopausal woman. Make sure to check out some of the shorts on my channel! You’ll find all sorts of solutions to managing the challenges of menopause. And if you’d like … Continued

Avoid This in The Afternoon for Better Sleep

Mid-afternoon crash? It’s tempting to go for coffee, but don’t do it! Afternoon coffee will mess with your sleep and perpetuate the afternoon drowsiness. The average half-life of caffeine is 4-6 hours which means that half the caffeine in your 3 pm coffee is still in your system at 9pm. Study: 10.1016/B978-0-12-375083-9.00033-7 Instead of a … Continued

5 Reasons You’re HUNGRY

If you’re starving, it may be because of: 1. Low protein intake – Protein is the most satiating food. 2. Low fiber intake – Fiber keeps you fuller longer. 3. Lack of sleep – Poor sleep triggers the ‘I’m hungry’ hormone ghrelin. 4. Liquid calories – Fluids pass through your digestion more quickly so while … Continued

10 Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates

Don’t panic when the scale bounces around…That’s just what it does… There are PLENTY of reasons the number changes daily. Daily weighing provides MORE data points so you can understand your body better. Daily weighing also helps neutralize the number on the scale to JUST A DATA POINT. It’s not the weight each day that … Continued

Two Kinds of Fiber

What do a sponge and broom have to do with a healthy gut? They are like fiber in your diet. The sponge is similar to soluble fiber: it absorbs water in the gut it slows down digestion it makes you feel fuller longer Soluble fiber is found in fruit and vegetable pulp, oats, barley, legumes, … Continued

Stop Drinking Juice (Here’s Why)

Drink juice if you want, but it can make weight loss more difficult. That’s because there is NO fiber in juice. In this example there’s equivalent calories in both. The sugar in the apple is wrapped up in 6g of fiber and takes longer to digest so you stay fuller longer, Especially if you’re a … Continued

Why Fiber?

NO single food can balance your hormones. But especially if you’re a woman experiencing symptoms of menopause, including 25g of fiber a day can certainly help with many things: increased insulin sensitivity feeling fuller longer promotes healthy digestion improves gut health (possible) reduction in depression reduced hot flashes reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & … Continued