The Answer to a Flat Belly

I’m doing the ‘This is Fitness’ Challenge over here: I’d love it if you joined me daily. This topic is SO important tho, I wanted to include it here… 🍴Fuel for your body… ➡️Protein is the ‘missing’ macro for most women Benefits: ✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue ✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management ✳️Maintains energy … Continued

Fat Burning…So Where Does the Fat ‘Go’?

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you lose weight? More specifically, when you lose fat? What happens? Where does it go? Surprisingly, when you ‘lose fat’ the fat cell doesn’t actually go anywhere. If you have a ton of fat cells in a trouble spot, the best you can hope to do is … Continued

Why You Don’t Need Another Diet

You don’t need another diet. Do you want to drop a few pounds? Are you looking for the next best thing? Maybe it’s carb cycling? Maybe it’s that keto thing? There’s got to be something out there to help you lose your menopause belly, right? The fact is, you don’t need a diet. You should … Continued

Help! Inexplicable Weight Gain!

Do you seem to be putting on weight for no reason? What’s really going on? So frustrating right? Most often we can’t see what’s going on with our lifestyle from the inside, but things are much clearer from the outside looking in. I LOVE getting on the phone with clients and potential clients who are … Continued

Why a Weight Loss Plateau?

Has your fat loss stalled? What’s going on? Is this the dreaded weight loss plateau?   Here are 3 things that could be happening:   💦 Water Loss Typically when you go on a ‘diet’ you’ll be eating less carbs. For every gram of carb you ingest, your body holds onto 4g of water.   … Continued

Gum Chewing and Your Health

Are you a gum chewer? 🍬 Does chewing gum interfere with your fat loss goals? Say what? Here are some interesting facts for you courtesy of Dr. Mercola: 1. Chewing Gum May Increase Your Junk-Food Intake Many people chew gum to reduce food cravings and, potentially avoid eating unhealthy foods. However, while research shows that … Continued

Why is Weight Loss so Hard Over 40?

Weight Loss and Menopause? Why is it so hard? Is it even possible??   I know that many are discouraged with weight loss over 40 but here’s what you need to know..   ⬆dieting = ⬇metabolism ⬆sedentary living = ⬇metabolism ⬇decreased muscle tone = ⬇ metabolism ⬆processed foods/sugar = ⬆insulin resistance   We may be … Continued

What’s for Dinner? [A Typical Tuesday]

Are you stumped as to what to eat? 🙄 I often get asked what I eat, so I thought I’d share a typical day… ✳Let me explain my goals first: I want to eat for energy and performance. In the process, if I get lean by eating wholesome foods, then that’s great, but I will … Continued

Bloated and Gassy? Try this…

If you often experience digestive stress after eating certain foods and the discomfort is so severe that it affects your day-to-day activities, you may help yourself by reducing FODMAP foods. There is a link between foods and digestive disorders and there is a good chance that FODMAPs – small carbohydrates in certain foods – are … Continued

Protein: Why? How Much? When? What?

Protein is the macro-nutrient that women tend to eat in the smallest quantity. After reading this, my hope is that you’ll double down on your intake and here’s why…. First of all, what does protein do? Why do you need to eat it at all? Let’s break it down… ❓Why do I need protein? • … Continued