Protein Packed Breakfast

Protein in the morning can be a game changer for weight loss. It fends off energy crashes. It helps feed your muscles… And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism & the more calories you burn (even at rest). Here’s one of my fav breakfasts: 1 egg 50g Greek yogurt dash cinnamon 70g … Continued

How to Plan for a Special Occasion

Have a special event & don’t wanna blow your nutrition? Enter: Calorie cycling. Calorie cycling is when you ‘borrow’ calories from the day before & the day after an event so you can enjoy more calories on the occasion. Weight loss occurs in a calorie deficit, so you just need to create an ‘average’ deficit’ … Continued

What’s the MOST Important Meal?

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of eating healthy forever? Guess what? You don’t have to ‘do’ forever today. All you have to do is make a healthy choice for the next meal or snack. Forever will take care of itself when you take it ONE meal/snack at a time. And if you blow it, don’t … Continued

Table Setting Idea for Intentional Eating

Want to eat more intentionally at your holiday dinner? Consider placing serving dishes on a side table. You’ll reduce mindless nibbling from dishes right in front of you. And having seconds (no judgement!) will be more intentional because you’ll have to leave the table to serve yourself. Please enjoy a bit of EVERYTHING at your … Continued

High Protein Veggie Dip

Get a boost of protein as you double down on your veggie intake. Win win! (An easier method is to grab a store bought spice mix.) Enjoy!

Tip to Avoid Overeating

Put down your fork. Chew your food. Slow your eating down to give your belly time to tell your brain it’s had enough food. This mindfulness will help prevent over eating…and if you need more support, let’s talk:

Sick of Food Tracking? Do This

Food tracking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. But it can get tedious. If you’re especially busy (hello Christmas!)… Or when you need a break, track one meal OR one macro (protein!) to keep your nutrition top of mind. This keeps the tracking habit going & nutrition is less likely to … Continued

Daily Weigh In?

How often do you weigh yourself? IF you can neutralize the number, there’s a case for daily weighing. The data can be used to understand how your body reacts to food & other factors. Do your best to remember that your weight is just a number, not your full identity. At the end of the … Continued

Guide to Avoid Mindless Snacking

Snacks do NOT have to be your downfall! Here are some tips to help you snack right: 1. Snacking is OK – your body may need fuel no matter the time 2. Plan your snack 3. Include protein 4. Use a plate 5. Is it hunger or habit? 6. Hungry? Increase your intake at meal … Continued

3 Ways to Eat More Protein

Protein is the magic bullet of weight loss if there ever was one. Trouble is, it can be a challenge to eat enough of it. Here are three ways to increase your daily intake. As a ballpark, aim for 1g of protein per desired pound of bodyweight. Anything less is basically to prevent malnutrition, not … Continued