Kitchen Gadget to Cure Mindless Eating

Want a cool kitchen gadget that helps with weight loss? A simple plate or bowl can be the answer to mindless eating. If you make a deal with yourself to put everything you eat on a plate… Instead of mindless nibbling or eating out of a bag, box… You’ll reduce all those extra calories you … Continued

Reason You Can’t Lose Weight (NOT Menopause!)

Menopause gets blamed for a slower metabolism and mid-life weight gain. But, a 2021 study (Herman Pontzer et al. Science) showed that metabolism holds steady until the age of 60. Yes, menopause can cause challenges, but yo-yo dieting can cause metabolic slow down more than menopause. When you overly restrict calories so that you’re starving, … Continued

Another Diet Fail?

Sick of diets that fail? Ready to stop the diet cycle? Look, YOU didn’t fail, the diet did. Probably because the diet was unsustainable & didn’t built the necessary habits to maintain weight loss in the first place. My solution is to STOP dieting & start eating the foods you love using healthy habits & … Continued

No Butter-Butter Chicken Recipe

If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen (like me), you can still make this delish ‘No Butter – Butter Chicken’. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 6 thighs – trimmed & chopped Curry powder – 1 tbsp Fresh garlic -3-4 cloves chopped Chili powder – 1/2 tbsp Cayenne – 1/2 tsp Coriander -1 tbsp Cumin -1/2 … Continued

Handy Portion Control Tool

Need a handy personalized portion guide? Luckily, you have one at the end of your arm. No foods should be off limits when you learn to control portions. Fun fact: You can even ‘overeat’ your fav foods when you learn to ‘calorie cycle’ (a lesson for another day). The point is, life is for living … Continued

Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates Daily

Your weight will fluctuate. Try not to sweat it. Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your body. There’s always a scientific reason for the fluctuations because weight loss & gain aren’t magical. If you need support, happy to hold your hand. Reach out:

Fail Small

There’s no real catastrophic failure where diet is concerned. It’s just one meal at a time. And if you mess up, FAIL SMALL. There’s always the next meal or snack to get back on track. You can do it! Let’s talk:

Why Protein for Menopause?

Why load up on protein? For one reason, it’s the most filling macronutrient. It’s much easier to stay in a calorie deficit when you aren’t starving. Message me the word PROTEIN  to and I’ll send info on YOUR protein needs based on your desired body weight (along with a ton of protein examples). You’re … Continued

One Reason You Binge

Starving yourself isn’t the answer. That usually just leads to BINGING & your body learns to get by on less energy. Low calorie diets aren’t sustainable, kill your metabolism & are no fun! Have you considered just eating MORE? You could lose weight by staying in a SLIGHT calorie deficit & enjoying life a lot … Continued

Blew Your Diet? Do This

Overeat? It’s okay. It’s happened before to all of us & we’ve lived to tell the tale. To offset extra calories from the day before, just reduce calories the following day by fasting thru your first meal. This should reduce your calories by about 30%, then just get back to your regular eating. You may … Continued