Tip to Reduce Sugar

Cutting back on sugar & processed foods can reduce inflammation AND your waistline. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it! Instead of taking the ‘all or nothing’ approach, try the ‘all or something’ approach. While it’d be MOST beneficial to cut out it ALL out, that’s not practical OR sustainable. Just try cutting … Continued

Which Nutrition Plan Should You Try?

Don’t be tempted. Sustainable weight loss isn’t sexy. It isn’t fast. But it’s SUSTAINABLE & results are LASTING. Fad diets will just disappoint you. Let me teach you how to never have to ‘diet’ again. I’ve got your back with science based, easy to digest video tutorials in my Nutrition Academy: https://shawnak.securechkout.com/nutrition-academy And I’ll even … Continued

Don’t Expect Food To Balance Hormones

You can’t ‘balance your menopause hormones’ with food. Quality foods can make you feel better, but in menopause, estrogen and progesterone are going to be wonky. Declining estrogen can cause inflammation and pain. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help. Try to reduce processed foods and include more of these foods in your regular diet: Want more … Continued

Eat Anything You Want

You can eat anything you want. As soon as a food is off limits, it’s all you crave. So finding ways to incorporate all your fave foods into your diet is the answer. Not sure how to do that? I can help. My Nutrition Academy teaches you the mindset & strategies you need to eat … Continued

What About Intermittent Fasting?

It’s NOT a fad. But it’s also NOT the Holy Grail of fat loss. There are definitely some benefits and it’s worth a try. Happy to help you navigate the way. Start with my Nutrition Academy or a talk here: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna Wondering about intermittent fasting?    

How Much Water Do You Need?

How much water do you need? Divide your body weight in pounds by 2, this is how many ounces you can shoot for daily. ALL liquids (except alcohol) can be added into this count. Coffee (or caffeinated drinks) can have a diuretic effect because caffeine is a smooth muscle relaxant. So if you take in … Continued

When Fad Diets Come Knocking…

Don’t do it! When fad diets come knocking, just slam the door on them. Fad diets are full of empty promises of fast weight lost but fast weight gain almost always follows. Stick with your slow & boring plan of healthy choices full of home made: Protein High quality carbs & fats Less processed foods … Continued

Over 50? 5 Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss for the 50+ crowd IS possible. BUT it takes time, patience and consistency. Age related knowledge and accountability are keys to success. What we did in our 20’s doesn’t work anymore so keep these things in mind: 1. There are NO quick fixes – Weight loss is meant to be a slow process … Continued

Menopause? STOP Eating These Foods

Eat anything you want. But keep in mind that you will FEEL better, your body composition will be more favorable & you’ll suffer less menopausal symptoms when you fill your plate with wholesome foods. Lean protein Fruits & veggies Complex carbs (yes CARBS!) Healthy fats Lotsa water And YES, some treats like wine & chocolate … Continued

Need Protein Ideas?

Protein is the SUPER HERO of fat loss. It keeps you feeling fuller longer, supports workout recovery and helps build lean muscle tissue. Here are 24 ways to get 25g of protein in daily: