Exercise Bloopers

Want to avoid making these mistakes? You’ll get all the direction you need here. Have you ever done any of these bloopers? Having no variety. Doing the same workout week in and out can lead to fitness plateaus, boredom and overuse strain or injury. On top of that, you won’t make the progress that you … Continued

Interval Training

Lots of you have a treadmill, bike or other piece of cardio equipment at home. Your best bet for increasing your fat loss efforts is to do intervals rather than a long, slow session where you barely break a sweat and are bored silly. In the video I explain three different training protocols depending on … Continued

What’s Up with Boot Camp?

You may have noticed a ‘boot camp’ fitness craze that has exploded on the fitness scene recently, and will continue to grow, especially come the spring. Here’s what to watch for if you’re considering giving one a try yourself: First of all, look closely at the qualifications of the instructor.

Do It Yourself Personal Training

I’ll be the first to tell you that you need to consult an expert when it comes to your fitness program. A well qualified personal trainer will assist you in developing a program with your exact goals and physical limitations in mind. Having said this, I know that a personal trainer is out of the … Continued

Female Fat Loss Program (the shoulders)

A great female fat loss program will include some upper body work. Particularly, you’ll want to add some shoulder work into your routine. My favorite shoulder exercises use dumb bells and include the dumb bell lateral raise, the dumb bell shoulder press and the dumb bell front raise. Many ladies think that they’ll look like … Continued

How Do I Use Audio Tracks?

Decreasing your rest is a great way of increasing the intensity of your workout. The beauty of using an audio track in your training is that you don’t have to watch the clock. I mentioned that there are audio tracks in my new ebook. If you’ve never used audio tracks before, you may wonder how … Continued

Free workouts for home

Want nine free workouts? And three audio tracks to use with your training? Also nutrition tips, RDA approved diet plans and more….that’s just the free stuff…(need an exercise library and 12 more workouts?) Check out my ebook www.FemaleFatLossOverForty.com

Angela’s Angony – Try her workout!

Angela’s Tiramisu LOL! 60 seconds of cardio followed by 40 seconds active recovery: Skipping (100) Dumbell Deadlift (20) marching/running on the spot (100 steps) Dumbell Chest Press (prone) (20) suicide sprints (10) Tricep Dip or DB over head press (20) jumping jacks (100) Knee-Ins (20) fast feet (100) Plie Squat (20) Angela’s variation of the … Continued

Couch Potato Workout

Are you watching TV, movies or sports this holiday season? You can add a bit of fitness in by performing these exercises on commercial breaks. Just do them from the start to finish of each commercial through an entire show or sporting event. Beer Commercials – jumping or step jacks Auto Commercials – push ups … Continued

10 Sets to Toned: Jolleen’s Workout

Here’s my super camper Jolleen (from my 5:30 am fitness boot camp):   (See here she’s on a scrap booking weekend, but found time to do some squat jumps and other fun things.)   You can thank Jolleen for this awesome workout! She told me about it and I asked if I could share it … Continued