Female Fat Loss Workout (the butt)

Here’s a female fat loss workout that you’re sure to enjoy. It targets the most trouble some area for women: the lower body and specifically the butt. Many women are afraid to do squats and lunges for two reasons. The first is that they fear that it will do damage to their knees. If you … Continued

Female Fat Loss Workouts (the obliques)

Are you interested in female fat loss workouts? And losing that muffin top? You’ll want to include some HIIT. That stands for high intensity interval training. This is when you get your heart rate elevated to close to your maximum rate and then bring it down to a lower level. Rather than sustaining a moderate … Continued

Shawna Kaminski (no impact HIIT workout)

I’m Shawna Kaminski and my passion is to help you with your fitness and fat loss. I know what it feels like to feel good in my own skin and I want nothing else than to help you. I have a ton of hands on experience with my boot campers. I’ve been ‘in the trenches’ … Continued