Success Story #2 Dale Galbraith

Dale says that she was told that she ‘ran before she walked’; some kind of fitness has always been part of her lifestyle. She played sports when she was younger and when she left the ‘team’, she took up hiking, biking and running. She’s hiked Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, has done two major bike … Continued

Success Story #1 Amanda Bell

Amanda was a little shy when she first started boot camp in June 2008. At that time she had started a weight loss program and knew that she needed to add exercise to her routine to improve her health and to maintain and support her weight loss. She got so much more than she bargained … Continued

No Space Home Workout

It’s getting near the holidays and I know you need some support for a few home workouts. Here’s a great workout you can do in very little space with no equipment. You’ll have 4 exercises to do: Y squat, pushup, split stance squat (lunge left/right), and a renegade row (push up/pull up). You could substitute … Continued

Setting Up a Home Gym

I get many questions about what would be best to buy if a person were to set up a mini-home gym. My suggestion is to go with a free weight set up and possibly get a TRX. I would get a power cage, Olympic bar with a bit of plate weight and a few sets … Continued

Holiday Workout Plans?

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Robert Collier Working out is a matter of ‘showing up’, day in and day out. It’s likely that your schedule will not magically open up an hour a day to add exercise; it will always be a bit of a struggle to … Continued

Tunes to Train By!

Laurie (9:30 am camp) asked if I could post one of my boot camp play lists. I load everything from ITunes. Here’s my latest play list: Sexy B*tch – David Guetta Cha-ching – Hedley Throw Your Hands Up – Stereos Real World 09 – Rob Thomas Replay – Iyaz Who Says – John Mayer Shine … Continued

A Unique Christmas Gift

Many of you know that I recently recorded some audio tracks for training with Elijah Lucian in his studio. Would you or any of your family be interested in doing any studio recordings? Elijah has generously offered us a ‘time card’ for his studio. You will receive a EXTRA 20% discount when you use the … Continued

Snowed In Workout

I could barely get out my front door today with all the snow, so I know that many of you are experiencing the same thing. I thought you may need an idea to get in a bit of a workout at home. Here I am alternating skipping as a cardio movement with a push/pull/leg and … Continued

Workout in your kitchen!

Can’t get a workout in? How about this one? Use a two kitchen chairs pushed up against the wall. If you can add a bit of cardio and core, you’re all set with a maintenance workout for those days when squeezing a workout in seems impossible.