Why Do I Need to Buy Good Running Shoes?

I see a lot of women in my boot camps every day.

I want them to get more fit, lose fat, get more energy and feel great.

All that can happen if they come to camp, do what I say and follow it up with solid nutrition at home.

What I HATE is when a camper doesn’t come to camp because they get injured and they think it’s because of something that they did at boot camp.

This same situation applies to those that are at home as well. Some of my clients have contacted me to say that they’re sidelined with injury.

Chances are sometimes these injuries can be avoided with one simple solution: foot wear.

Everyone has to buy running shoes, why not get the right ones for you?

Listen in to the interview I did with Amanda from New Balance Calgary. She’s an expert at fitting the right shoe to the right foot, as are all the staff at the store. (If you live outside the Calgary area, you need to find a store like this one, where staff are educated and have your best interest at heart in regards to healthy happy feet!)


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