Female Fat Loss Program (shoulders)

A great female fat loss program will include some upper body work. Particularly, you’ll want to add some shoulder work into your routine. My favorite shoulder exercises use dumb bells and include the dumb bell lateral raise, the dumb bell shoulder press and the dumb bell front raise. Many ladies think that they’ll look like … Continued

Count the Exercises – Winners!!

Here are the exercises that I found in the video: DB wood chop, lateral suicide sprint, forward suicide sprint, get up, ham curls, side plank row, DB row, jump rope, push up, mountain climber, rope swings, band squat walk, squat jump, reverse lunge twist, tricep over head press, goblet squat, TRX row, speed skater lunge … Continued

Women Need to Weight Train!

Ever wonder why resistance training is so important for women in particular? Here are some of the reasons weight training is imperative and I may have neglected to mention these before: 1. Burn more fat. When you do a resistance training program, your metabolism will stay elevated and you continue to burn fat for several … Continued

Train Your Back

Often times the back is neglected in home or boot camp training. It takes a bit of creativity to effectively train the muscles of the back, but it’s well worth it. You’ll look spectacular in your little black dress or summer tanks if you employ some of the strategies in the video. Check out the … Continued

Count the Boot Camp Exercises!!

I thought it would be fun to run a bit of a contest. It means that you have to actually make a COMMENT, so step up everyone! In the video, I want you to count every single different exercise that you see, list it and post it. The person that gets it correct gets a … Continued

Success Story #3 Franca’s Journey

Franca has been coming to boot camp for over two years now but  I see less and less of her. You see Franca is close to her goal of losing 100 lbs. Yes, you read correctly, 100 lbs. Franca realized in 2005 that she needed to do something to take care of her health and … Continued

Using Your Heart Rate Monitor to Burn More Fat

Training with a heart rate monitor is a great way to monitor your fitness level. While it’s comforting to know that your heart is actually beating, you need to know more than this to effectively plan your workout to increase your fitness level and fat loss results. To begin, you’ll need to know your maximum … Continued

Spartacus Workout

Here’s a great workout inspired by the sound track from www.WorkoutMuse.com and trainer BJ Gaddour. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Women’s Fat Loss Program (chest)

Are you looking for a women’s fat loss program? You’d be surprised by the fact that you need not join a gym or buy a ton of equipment in order to help your physique. In fact, there’s a ton you can do at home with just your body weight. The lowly push up is one … Continued

Fatigue Fighting Tips

Need a plan to follow to boost your energy? Go here. Here are a few other suggestions to help fight fatigue: Drink lots of water. A dehydrated body functions less efficiently. Reduce or limit caffeine. 1 or 2 caffeinated drinks per day like coffee, tea or cola can boost your energy and mental alertness, but … Continued