Gluten Free is the “New Black”

You’ll see that the media is eating up ‘gluten free’ ‘gluten intolerance’, ‘gluten sensitivity’ etc.

One of the main reasons for this is because it’s a great excuse to market a ton of products that will lighten your pocket book and not necessarily improve your health at all.

Oops, do I sound a little cynical??

I guess it’s because I am. There’s too many ‘half truths’ out there and people are not getting to the bottom of their health issues because of it. It’s time for some clarity.

Enter gluten expert: Dr. Peter Osborne. He’s part of a master mind group that I regularly attend. Our group is all about providing valuable and honest fitness, fat loss and health information to as many people as possible. I’m so fortunate to have the contacts that I do in this business so that I can pass on all this good info to you!

Watch and learn as Dr. Osborne begins to educate and inform us about this whole issue., and stay tuned this week because I plan on bringing more quality content to you:

Are you gluten intolerant or sensitive? What does that mean? Meet Dr Peter Osborne as he’s interviewed by female fat loss over 40 expert, Shawna K to find out some answers.
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