How to Delay Dying

Some things should be put off – like death!

You can do this by implementing a few simple habits.

One of which is walking.

If walking is available to you, it can be done anywhere and it’s FREE.

The sweet spot is 8K steps per day that has been shown to improve strength and balance to avoid a fall.

Falling can mean fracturing a hip and if that happens, there’s a 1 in 3 chance that you could die within the year.

Death may not result directly from the fall, but from complications and quality of life changes that result from it.

So, don’t wait until you start to feel frail,  make it a habit to strap on your shoes and get some steps in – if 8K is daunting, you will benefit from any increase in the number of steps you’re currently doing.

If you need some accountability towards daily movement, I gotcha! My Summer Waist Management program is perfect for you.