Hot Sore Feet? Grab a Cold Beer

Grab a cold beer for your hot, sore feet. Sorry, you don’t drink it! Use the cold beer as you would a ball stretch in the arch of your foot. Your feet play a vital role in regulating body temperature. They have a large surface area with lots of blood vessels that open up to … Continued

Lower Back Pain? Do This…

Your lower back pain could be from a weak core. The ‘hollow hold’ is one of the safest core strengthening moves anyone can do. Make sure you press your lower back into the floor. If you can’t keep your back touching the floor, bend your arms and legs and work up to extending them. Work … Continued

Have You Been to Calgary?

Have you explored your own city? You may be surprised at the beauty right under your nose. We biked 34km this day and only saw some of it. There’s so much more to explore right here. Fitness is about being able to do the things you want. Choose your own adventure – whatever that is … Continued

Do You Have Strong Abs?

One way to tell is if you can hold a perfect plank for 2 minutes straight. Here are some tips: BRACE When you do a plank, squeeze your abs as if you were preparing for someone to punch you in the stomach. Then squeeze your glutes, quads, and pull your elbows towards your ribs. This … Continued

Are You ‘All or Nothing’?

Are you an all or nothing type person? Time to change that to an ‘all or something’ attitude. Don’t discount 10 minutes of exercise or one healthy meal if that’s all you can do… You’d be surprised at how a little something here & there will add up over time. Let me help you get … Continued

Menopause is the New Cash Cow

Do you feel taken advantage of? You probably should. If you’re a women in menopause, struggling to overcome menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, irritability and weight gain – you fall prey to slick marketing campaigns designed to magically ‘cure’ you of your symptoms… Menopause can’t be ‘cured’ anymore than puberty can be ‘cured’ for your … Continued

Warming Up? DON’T Do This

Stop stretching BEFORE your workout. Static stretching is ineffective since muscles are cold and joints aren’t lubricated. Save the static stretches for the END of your workout once your joints and muscles are warm. Instead, do ‘dynamic’ stretches to get your body ready to exercise. Move your body through ranges of motion to bring blood … Continued

Best Yoga Pose for Menopausal Women

Try this pose for one to 20 min. It will stimulate the ‘para-sympathetic’ or ‘rest & digest’ nervous system to ease all kinds of tension related to menopause & your busy life. It may not help with weight loss, but a calm mind will help you cope & make better decisions related to your health. … Continued

How Many Calories?

This formula is a ballpark estimate for figuring your maintenance calories & deficit calories suitable for sustainable weight loss. There’s a lot more to it than just finding body weight & multiplying from there… But, it’s a start. And with this formula, you’re less likely to reduce calories ridiculously low, like below 1000 calories/day. Another … Continued