How Does Fiber Help with Fat Loss?

Weight loss is easier when you’re not starving. Here’s how fiber can help: Including 25g of fiber daily will fill you up AND… * increase insulin sensitivity * promote healthy digestion * improve gut health * (possibly) reduce depression * reduce hot flashes by 20% * reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & breast cancer … Continued

Stuck at Your Desk? Do THIS

Something (anything!) is better than nothing where movement is concerned. If you’re stuck at your desk, set a timer to go off every hour. Get up and do ONE minute of exercise, here are some ideas: chair squats desk push ups jumping jacks marches reverse lunges wall sits wall stick ups side bends calf raises … Continued

Mini Meno-PAUSE Challenge Zoom REPLAY

If you were unable to attend our LIVE session, you’re in luck. Here’s a replay of the presentation. *I never record the QnA out of courtesy to those on the call. If you have any questions, feel free to ask & I’m happy to assist! If you’d like more support, I’m here for you. Join … Continued

On the Fence About the Menopause Challenge?

If you’re not sure whether my upcoming challenge is for you, I made a video just for you… My 6 week SUMMER MELTDOWN Challenge starts in just a few days. Remember, I only take 10 participants, so if you’re serious about making DOABLE changes that bring about LASTING results, this is for you. If you’re interested in: … Continued

LIE About Your Menopause Belly Fat

You’ve been lied to, it’s okay to have some belly fat. Everyone has some belly fat. Belly fat distribution is genetically determined. You can’t ‘sit up’ your belly fat away. The saying ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is true. Changing your habits & modifying nutrition are the keys to losing your belly fat. Very … Continued

Your Weight WILL Fluctuate in Menopause

Weight is going to fluctuate. You won’t gain (or lose) a pound of FAT overnight. Keep checking those boxes of healthy habits. And be PATIENT! Here are just 9 reasons why your weight will bounce around: You’ll eventually see the scale move when you just STICK WITH IT. Having a coach hold your hand along … Continued

How Accurate is Your Body Fat Scale?

How accurate is your body fat scale? To get the most reliable reading, measure under the same circumstances at the same time daily. Most scales use body impedance or an electrical current so hydration will affect results. Try to keep constant any variable that affects hydration such as: food intake (carbs, sodium, alcohol) exercise sleep … Continued

Why You’re Not Losing Weight – The Wine Edition

Sorry to be a kill joy…But if you’re not measuring wine, you’re likely over pouring. The standard serving for wine is 5 ounces or 147 ml. A single bottle should contain 5 glasses of wine. Experts from the ‘Alcohol Rehab Guide’ say a the maximum amount of wine for women is 5 oz , no … Continued

Stop Exercising to Lose Weight

Stop relying on exercise to lose weight. Exercise has a ton of benefits beyond calorie burning including: Reducing the risk of cancer. … Strengthening your bones. … Reducing the risk of other diseases. … Boosting your mood To name just a few! Exercise for FUN & FUNCTION Weight loss is best addressed with modifying nutrition. … Continued