How NOT to Celebrate Your Weight Loss Win

Change happens when we feel good! It keeps you motivated and ‘on the path’. That’s why celebrating small wins on your health journey is important. Too often you can tell yourself: I deserve this [insert guilty pleasure]. So you can sabotage results with the wrong kind of celebrations. Consider non-food celebrations. Treat yourself to something … Continued

You’ve Been Lied To…

You’ve been lied to about belly fat… Here are 3 facts to remember: 1. Everyone has belly fat. In fact some belly fat is healthy & normal. 2. Fat distribution is genetic. Some people hold more fat in their belly region. 3. You can’t sit up your way to belly fat loss, you can strengthen … Continued

Motivation for Starting Out

Feeling frustrated? I get it. Anytime you start something new, it will feel like pushing a boulder uphill. But things get easier, I promise. Set teeny tiny goals. Celebrate every win. The only way you can lose is if you quit. Keep going, you got this! Lemme help, start here:

Most Underrated Exercise to Tone Your Tummy

Push ups are underrated. If you’re looking to increase strength & tone in your core & upper body, the lowly push up is the answer. There are a number of variations so that pretty much anyone can do a push up. Make sure to keep your body very ‘plank like’, keep the elbows in close … Continued

Hack to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

Wanna lose weight but don’t want to lower your calories? Good! Lowering calories is NOT the most effective weight loss tool. Burning more calories is! And a simple way to do that is simply by increasing your steps. There are so many walking benefits, including: -easy on the joints -boosts immune function -help lower blood … Continued

The Wrong Way to Diet

Have you made this mistake? You go on a diet & you cut out ALL the things you love? This is a fast track to disappointment & failure. As soon as food is taboo, it’s all you can think about. Plus, it’s not a sustainable way to live if you can’t eat the things you … Continued

What to Do With NO Progress

Haven’t achieved your goals? Rather than beat yourself up about it, remind yourself that good things take time. Control the things you can. When you’re taking positive action, remind yourself: This is what success looks like today. Those bigger things will happen when you continue to take the baby steps. Having a coach helps you … Continued

3 Reasons You Should Food Track

If overspending is an issue, you create a budget. Food tracking creates awareness about eating, like a budget does creates awareness about spending. It’s a temporary tool that helps in these three ways: It helps you connect the dots between what you eat, how you feel and the results you get. It helps with accountability. … Continued

Simple Tip to Change Your Health Forever

Question… How do you know how to breathe? Heal a cut? Create a baby? Lose weight? You don’t, but your body knows. So instead of trying to trick your body into weight loss, just give your body what it needs & it’ll do the rest. Listen to your body’s cues. Eat healthy food when you’re … Continued

Stop Dieting – 3 Reasons

Frustrated that your continued hard dieting efforts aren’t working? Stop working so hard! Your body isn’t designed to thrive on low calories for long periods of time. Your body is such a remarkable machine, it will just learn to get by on less. It’s called metabolic adaptation. Taking a diet break by increasing your calories … Continued