‘THIS’ May Be the Reason You’re Not Losing Fat

Even healthy foods, like olive oil, can be the road block to your fat loss. What’s a great alternative to olive oil then? Olive oil – just less of it if it’s putting you in a calorie surplus. What gets measured improves – that’s why tracking your food – especially at the beginning of your … Continued

Is THIS Killing Your Results?

Is THIS killing your results? If you’re distracted by: phone calls texts emails social media During your workout… Just put your phone away. This is a personal reminder as much as a PSA! Dang the phone can have so much power. If you need direction and ACCOUNTABILITY with your workouts, train with my team and … Continued

Menopause And Your HAIR

Has your hair changed during menopause? Possibly, and here’s why… Declining estrogen can cause: Dry & itchy scalp Dull hair Reduced ability for hair to grow Increased androgens which can lead to male pattern baldness like hairline hair loss & a wider part Here are six tips to keep your hair healthy & strong during … Continued

‘Must Do’ Exercises for Menopausal Women

Stop looking for new-fangled exercises. If you want to age well, stick to the basics! Make sure to regularly include these sorts of exercises 2-3 times a week: Pulling – like rows and pull ups Pushing – like push ups and presses Functional leg movements- like squats & lunges Stability movements – like planks & … Continued

Why Menopausal Women Need to Weight Train

Weight training is the MVP for improved health as we age. In addition to fat loss & body composition improvements, here are other benefits: Enhanced mood Gain strength and function Improve athletic performance. Reduce risk of injury Reduce back pain Reduce arthritis. Reduce the risk of heart disease Reduce risk of diabetes Reduce risk of … Continued

How Long Will Weight Loss Take?

Honest answer? It depends! Results always take longer than what you’d like. Remember, results come in many forms, focus on non-scale victories. And, rather than focus only on results, focus on being consistent with the habits that will bring them about. Consider giving your plan 30 days of 100% effort before switching things up. Dieting … Continued

Are You Warming Up Properly?

I know your time is tight…But do NOT skip your warm up! In fact, if you have no time to workout, just do a 5 minute full body dynamic warm up and you’ll feel better for having done a little something. A dynamic warm up means that you move your limbs and joints through a … Continued

Stop Doing Abs!

Stop doing abs! If you have belly fat, remember these 3 things: 1.Belly fat is NORMAL – we all have some. 2.Declining estrogen makes menopausal women store belly fat more readily. 3.You CAN’T spot reduce – do abs for a strong core. Address your belly fat with nutrition. Need help? I gotchu! Let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna

How to Take a Mental Break

When you move your body you’re not worried about things like… taxes making dinner work who’s driving whom to where Or any number of life’s mundane decisions you need to make… Physical activity gives your mind a break so you can think more clearly when it’s time to make decisions. What are YOU doing to … Continued

Need a Protein Cheat Sheet?

Need a protein cheat sheet? Food labels can be tricky. *If you need some support with your nutrition, let’s talk here: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna Look at the cheese in the video. It seems like 7g of protein is a good option for a small cube. You also get 10g of fat in that small cube of cheese. … Continued