Hip Replacement #2

Hip replacement number 2 is in the books! Once I decided to do this surgery, I also decided to enjoy the process. For a total joint replacement, it’s relatively quick & painless. It was a tough decision to get it done preemptively before hip pain became severe, but I know it was the right thing … Continued

Need Motivation? Try This…

Don’t wait to ‘feel’ motivated. Feelings come and go. You must take action first. Action, no matter how small, leads to motivation. As soon as you THINK of doing something that will bring you closer to your goals: Going for a walk Drinking more water Food prepping Getting to bed early Whatever! Do it within … Continued

Light Up Your Abs!

Want a sure fire way to target your abs? Put a small ball behind your lower back. Press your belly button into your spine as you press into the ball. Extend arms overhead, without lifting through the ribs. Be prepared for an ‘earthquake’ as arms extend. If you can’t keep your tummy tucked in, lower … Continued

Want to Rock Your Push Ups in Menopause?

Want to rock your push ups, even in menopause? Do an EMOM workout. EMOM stands for ‘every minute on the minute’. Set a timer for one minute intervals for 10 minutes. Do 3 push ups, then rest the remainder of every minute. In 10 minutes, you’ll get 30 perfect push ups when previously you may … Continued

The Scale: Friend or Foe in Menopause?

Want to avoid disappointment when you get on the bathroom scale? BEFORE getting on it, make a mental note of a few of the NON-SCALE VICTORIES you’re seeing from your healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re feeling stronger or your clothes are fitting better, maybe you’re sleeping more soundly. When if you get on the scale and … Continued

20 Min AMRAP

What’s an AMRAP? It stands for ‘as many rounds as possible’. Here’s a fun workout geared for beginner through advanced, depending on your fitness level and access to equipment: 10 calorie row OR 5 burpees 5 pull ups OR 5 DB rows 5 HSPUs OR 5 push ups 5 Barbell squats OR 5 squats (any … Continued

Frustrating Weight Fluctuations?

Your weight is going to fluctuate, in menopause and otherwise. But don’t give up on daily weighing! It will help you connect the dots between your behaviors and results. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain (or gain weight), weight fluctuations are NORMAL in menopause or any time. Instead, just use your weight as data, … Continued

Don’t Stop Squatting! Tips for Menopausal Women

Back pain or knee pain when you squat? Use the tips in this video to improve your form and alleviate pain. Just DON’T STOP SQUATTING! It’s one of the MOST functional movements that will help you avoid bathroom assistance as you age. Want to age well? Let me help! I work with menopausal women to … Continued

How to Make Any Exercise Harder

Ladies, even in menopause you need to keep challenging yourself. Want to make an exercise harder without adding more weight? Slow it down! Especially when the muscle is lengthening, for example: Lowering your body in the squat Lowering yourself on the pull up Lowering your legs on a knee raise Lowering the weight on a … Continued

Weight Loss Goal?

Have a weight loss goal? Why not choose a goal that you have more control over the outcome? How about setting a goal related to: -strength -a skill -an adventure A performance goal provides: -a measurable outcome -motivation to achieve the goal –*the happy coincidence is weight loss can often occur in it’s pursuit* Happy … Continued