Case Study: Judy

Self care is often put on the back burner. This was Judy’s problem… She was so busy serving others that she found herself overweight & unhappy. So she decided to get some support & so much has changed for her! She’s lost 35 lbs, but more importantly… Judy has regained her confidence & is now … Continued

Wanna Lose Your Menopause Belly? Avoid Doing This

Do the ‘one change challenge’ instead of trying to do too much too soon. Pick one thing to change this week… •Drink more water •Get to bed earlier •Add more protein to your meals •Start to move more •Say ‘No!’ more Transformation will come more slowly, but you’ll feel less overwhelm & changes are easier … Continued

Menopause? Don’t Buy These…

Save your money. Instead, invest it in education & accountability. Menopause is just a phase, like puberty that we just have to get through. We can make it easier by eating healthy foods, adding reasonable exercise, reducing stress & protecting sleep. No pill, powder or potion is gonna magically ‘cure’ menopause or make symptoms go … Continued

Eat in Hiding?

Guilt & shame are often associated with food & this can lead to weight gain. If you experience a lot of guilt with your eating habits, trying an intuitive approach to eating may help more than just your mindset Here are 6 tips to be a more mindful eater… Honor your hunger – Feed your … Continued

How to Start Resistance Training

No equipment to exercise? No problem. Body weight exercises are surprisingly effective at building lean muscle & helping you get rid of your menopause belly. I’d love to give you a sample body weight workout to help you get started. I created a page for you to input your email & access two videos & … Continued

Blow Your Nutrition This Weekend?

Did you blow your nutrition this weekend? Look, it happens, especially when you don’t have a plan. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. This can be achieved thru out the week versus just in one day. You can cycle your calories a little so you could have a few less calories … Continued

The Truth About Nuts

It’s a common misconception. Many people think nuts are a good source of protein. False. Nuts are a good source of fats. It is difficult to create a calorie deficit for weight loss if using nuts as a protein source. It’s important to maintain adequate protein intake while trying to lose weight. There are many … Continued

Do THIS When You Feel Lazy

Don’t wait to ‘feel motivated’ to move. Just move anyways, do something. Even fit people feel lazy & just want to watch Netflix all day – they just choose not to. Promise yourself to move for 10 minutes. Usually you’ll feel better & finish your workout. But even if you don’t, at least you’ll have … Continued

Does Your Weight Really Matter?

Married to the number on the scale? Does that number really matter? Please neutralize that number & focus on something else. My hope is that you want to feel good & look better in the mirror more than achieve a weight loss number. The way to do that is to focus on maintaining & building … Continued

Want Visible Abs?

If you want visible abs, be aware of the sacrifices you may need to make. Be realistic & manage expectations where weight loss goals are concerned… ⭐️20-22% body fat⭐️ ✔️fit appearance & good overall health ✔️livable lifestyle ✔️few cravings due to balanced diet ✔️plans & time needed for meal prep ✔️coaching is sometimes needed to … Continued