Calling Your Younger Metabolism

In menopause, your younger metabolism just isn’t picking up. Declining hormones have added a challenge to weight loss, but you can still do it. You’re older & wiser in your 50’s (and beyond), so don’t fall for dumb fad diets. Don’t expect overnight results from a pill, powder or potion or by starving yourself. Work … Continued

Tired of Meal Prepping?

Meal prep can be exhausting, especially when you’re making something for your ‘diet’ and something else for the family. Just stop. There’s no need to survive on strictly ‘diet food’ that no one, including you likes. A healthy ‘diet’ includes ALL things, even ‘treats’ (in moderation). When you assign foods with ‘good’ & ‘bad’ labels, … Continued

Sore Joints? Solutions

Do your joints sound like ‘snap, crackle, pop!’? In menopause, estrogen declines & can cause joint pain & stiffness. ‘Motion is lotion’ so don’t stop moving! Give yourself plenty of time to warm up with slow, dynamic stretches. In fact, your ‘warm up’ can be your entire ‘workout’ some days! Here are a few benefits … Continued

How to Handle a Setback

Blow your diet? Miss a workout? You only fail when you quit. ‘Fail small’ – after a setback, just get on track, get up, try again, keep going. So if you blew your nutrition at lunch, make your next meal on track. If you missed a workout (or several), just start again. The good news … Continued

Should You Do a Cleanse?

Do you have a functioning liver? If so, you don’t need a cleanse. Save your money & time in the bathroom. No pill, powder or potion is gonna magically help you drop weight, ‘cure’ menopause or make symptoms go away. Run away from anyone pitching detox teas, juice cleanses, or any hormone balancing baloney. There … Continued

Rules to Successful Aging

Age is simply a number. It’s never too late to try something new or to keep doing what you love. The moment you go sit on the couch is when the fun stops. If you need help feeling like your ‘old self’, I gotchu! Let’s talk:

Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

Your weight will fluctuate! Here are a few reasons why: -Your carb intake -Your sodium intake -Your exercise -Your hydration -The time of the month -Your alcohol intake -Time of weighing -Time of last meal -Time of last poop Try not to sweat it! Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your … Continued

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Estrogen

Understanding what estrogen does can explain why you’re feeling the way you are as estrogen declines in menopause. Knowledge can help you cope & implement strategies to offset menopausal symptoms. You don’t need to suffer. You just need to take your health into your own hands. See if you’re a candidate for menopause hormone replacement … Continued

Self Care Tip

Meet Libby. She’s been experiencing a few menopause symptoms. (She’s shockingly NOT the greatest guard dog. Possibly because she maintains a sunny disposition, even in menopause!) Like most menopausal women, Libby’s a little low energy these days. The good thing is she’s great at self-care so she takes time for herself when she needs it. … Continued

Just a Reminder!

In case no one told you today… You’re gorgeous. Stop focusing on the flaws you think you have. Women over 50 – you really are gorgeous… Share this sentiment with a menopausal woman that needs to hear this today.