Alternative to Macro Counting?

🤔Confused about portion sizes but not ready to ‘count macros’? 💃No problem! ✔️While I find macro counting to be a very effective [temporary] tool for health & weight management, it’s not for everyone🤦‍♀️ ✨If you’d like to still ‘track’ your intake but not weigh & measure every morsel, you’ve got a handy tool at the … Continued

Best Diet Hack Ever!

One of the BEST ways to improve your health is to food track because there’s an immediate & natural accountability & improvement in food quality when tracking. If you are SERIOUS about your goals, it’s best to get a personalized target so you have something to aim for. I can help you – just reach out! … Continued

Don’t Blame Carbs!

❌DON’T BLAME CARBS!❌ 👿Carbs are getting a bad rap… . 😱So many women I work with are simply afraid of them… . Truth 💣… ✨carbs are not ‘bad’ – they provide much needed energy… ✨carbs will not make you fat when eaten in the right combination with protein & fat… ✨carbs illicit an insulin response… . … Continued

Do You ‘Really’ Want Abs?

💁‍♀️Some people find it easier to stay lean or have better genetics than others… . 💫Be realistic & manage expectations where weight loss goals are concerned… . 👙If you want visible abs, be aware of the sacrifices you may need to make… . ⭐️20-22% body fat⭐️… ✔️fit appearance & good overall health… ✔️livable lifestyle… ✔️few cravings due to balanced diet… ✔️plans … Continued

The Magic Missing Ingredient for Fat Loss

❓What’s on your plate?… 🤞I hope there’s some PROTEIN because it’s the ‘missing’ macro for most women… Benefits… ✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue… ✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management… ✳️Maintains energy levels so you avoid crashes and the ‘hangry’s’… ✳️Helps build metabolism… If I were to give ONE trick to losing your menopause belly, it … Continued

It’s NOT a Diet…

“It’s not a diet, I’ve just learned how to eat for my metabolism”. This was music to my ears when I overheard one of my nutrition clients explaining what she was doing to lose the weight. ”It’s working!” I thought. As a 20 year veteran school teacher turned fit pro, I always fall back to education … Continued

Food Tracking Tips

💥Food Tracking Tips 📚Studies show that increased awareness thru food tracking helps with accountability & weight loss. . ⤵️Here are some food tracking tips that help me & my clients. . 📲Use the free app My Fitness Pal. . ▪ Look for the green checkmark when searching foods – this means that a food has been ‘verified’. . ▪ 👀Look … Continued

Food Tracking…Why Bother?

Are you tired of dieting? If I suggested tracking the food you eat, why would you even bother? Well, studies show that food tracking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. I started food tracking in 1986 when I did my first physique competition. While the nutrition plan back then was ‘low fat’ … Continued

Secret to Long Term Health Gains

🙅‍♀️If you don’t do the hard things now, you won’t find time to do them later. ..‬ ‪.‬ ‪🤦‍♀️It won’t get easier to…‬ ‪✔️build good habits…‬ ‪✔️plan a head…‬ ‪✔️remove temptations…‬ ‪✔️exercise daily…‬ ‪✔️meal prep…‬ ‪✔️cut back on processed foods…‬ ‪✔️get enough sleep…‬ ‪.‬ ‪📆Procrastinating on these things will only contribute to the equivalent of … Continued

Will Walking Burn Fat?

❓Does walking 5-6 miles a day put you in the ‘fat burning zone’?… 👏🏻Great question!… . 🙄The whole idea of the fat burning zone is a bit of misinformation…. . 📚Studies show that low intensity cardio (walking on a treadmill for example) will burn fat & doing higher intensity exercise (like HIIT, interval training, burst … Continued