Progress NOT Perfection

This is Really the Key to Motivation 🔑 🤔A few small mindset shifts will change everything… Let’s focus on PROGRESS and not PERFECTION. Let’s COUNT THE WINS instead of focusing on where we may have fallen down. Let’s TAKE ACTION and motivation will follow movement. If you need some support, reach out to me, I’ll … Continued

Why You Don’t Need Another Diet

You don’t need another diet. Do you want to drop a few pounds? Are you looking for the next best thing? Maybe it’s carb cycling? Maybe it’s that keto thing? There’s got to be something out there to help you lose your menopause belly, right? The fact is, you don’t need a diet. You should … Continued

How to Have a Drink Without Sabotaging Your Health

It’s a weekend and you’re going to enjoy some time with friends right? How can you minimize the damage that a ‘party’ can do to your health journey? ➡Focus on the friends not on the food/drink ➡Hydrate (lots of water early in the day and match each alcoholic beverage with H2O) ➡Eat protein – if … Continued

Bad Timing for a Health Change?

Waiting for the right time to get healthy? I get it. 🎓It’s your sons grad. 🏖It’s your family holiday. 🕊Your best friend passed away. 🔨You’re renovating. 👵🏻👴🏻You’re taking care of elderly parents. 🍼👶🏻You’ve got a new grand baby. 👣You broke your ankle. ⏰Look, I know that life is busy and time is short. But guess … Continued

Success Story Lori O

Ever wonder why some people can drop the weight and keep it off? while others yo-yo back and forth or never achieve any weight loss whatsoever? Meet my client and now friend, Lori O. She started her weight loss journey at 197 lbs at only five foot four inches. She finally decided that ‘enough was enough’ … Continued

Help! Inexplicable Weight Gain!

Do you seem to be putting on weight for no reason? What’s really going on? So frustrating right? Most often we can’t see what’s going on with our lifestyle from the inside, but things are much clearer from the outside looking in. I LOVE getting on the phone with clients and potential clients who are … Continued

Why a Weight Loss Plateau?

Has your fat loss stalled? What’s going on? Is this the dreaded weight loss plateau?   Here are 3 things that could be happening:   💦 Water Loss Typically when you go on a ‘diet’ you’ll be eating less carbs. For every gram of carb you ingest, your body holds onto 4g of water.   … Continued

This is Why I Don’t Like You…

I know that’s harsh but let’s be honest… Have you been following me for a long time? If so, are you in the same predicament now as you were a year ago or even a few months ago? Imagine if you decided to do something about your health back then… You’d definitely not be standing … Continued

FITNESS is Easier Than You Think…

FITNESS is easier than you think… If you think you need to devote hours a day to exercise, you’re mistaken. It’s your overall activity level over time that will make a big difference in your health. Studies even show that those that FIDGET tend to have a lower BMI (body mass index) than those who … Continued

Make a Change (and dating challenges…)

Random Thots (& the Challenges of Being a Girl) #1 – Legit question…. ✳What’s better, to ask a random stranger to do up the zipper on my dress or my date? 😁 (asking for a friend) #2 – Time is limited so…. ➡Spend time with Important people ➡ Don’t be lulled into a false sense … Continued

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