Park Pull Up Progression

If you want a strong back but don’t have any equipment, I’ve got you! Go to your local park and use this pull up progression. *Obviously it will take some time to build up the strength to the last step, but it’s possible to learn a pull up without ANY equipment. Here you go: Start … Continued

Fav Tool for Successful Fat Loss

What gets measured improves. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth can lead to more awareness and intentional eating. You don’t have to food track for the rest of your life, but it’s a great educational tool to help you change behaviour and improve your eating habits. If you need some support and … Continued

Working Out And Gaining Weight?

If weight loss is your goal, you may be frustrated if you’re working out and the scale isn’t budging. If you’re resistance training, here are reasons you may be gaining weight (most of which is temporary): muscle fiber inflammation increase in muscle glycogen (stored energy within the muscle) water weight gain *And eventually…actual muscle gain. … Continued

How to Find Time for Fitness

Your schedule is slammed. I get it. Could you borrow from a ‘time expense’ (like social media or Netflix for example) to put towards a worthy cause like your health? If you carved out just 15 minutes a day 5 days a week, you’d have an extra 75 min to put towards your health. That’s … Continued

5 No-Cook Dinner Ideas

Rushed or hate to cook? Grab a rotisserie chicken! Here are 5 dinner options: Pair it with a bagged salad. Add microwave rice & cut up veggies. Make a sandwich. Shred it in tacos. Add to stir fried veggies. You don’t need to spend tons of time in the kitchen to eat healthily. Need more … Continued

Nearly Zero Calorie Foods

Hungry? Why not fill up on ‘nearly’ zero calorie foods? There are LOTS of foods that are full of fiber & vitamins and you can pretty much eat an unlimited amount of them… This is what I call ‘volume eating’. When you add a few cups of these sorts of foods to each meal, you … Continued

3 Things You Need to Gain Muscle

You CAN gain muscle, even in menopause. But you need these 3 things: A stimulus – something to challenge your current level of strength. Adequate rest – muscle growth happens when you sleep. Quality food – especially protein. And PATIENCE. Muscle growth doesn’t happen over night so give it some time and consistent effort. Need … Continued

Don’t Do THIS to Lose Weight

Don’t do this to lose weight! Sure, exercise can support your weight loss. But you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting your workout to be the VEHICLE to fat loss. Nutrition & consistent healthy habits are the DRIVERS of weight loss. Exercise is just part of the equation. Happy to support you with nutrition, fitness and … Continued

What’s Wrong With Some Foods?

NOTHING! Even in menopause, NO foods are off limits. (Unless you have an allergy to them). To be honest, you can’t eat low quality foods with reckless abandon & still get results. But you can eat ALL things in MODERATION. Make sure you’re also eating ‘good investment’ foods including plenty of protein & a minimum … Continued

Best Way to Start (Your Workout)

Getting started can be the hardest part. Once you’re warm, you can do anything you put your mind too! Let me help you get moving with a full body warm up. I’ve got a full length follow along instructional video to send your way (no strings attached). If you’re super busy & only do the … Continued