Food Tracking Hack

Food tracking can be inaccurate. But that’s not the REAL point! The big benefits of food tracking include increasing self accountability & intentionality around eating. Food labels can be up to 20% off – like in this example: the label assumes that the scoop holds 42g of product when in fact, it only holds 30g … Continued

Always Hungry? Solution!

Trying to lose weight and ALWAYS hungry? Have you considered just eating MORE? Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. Too often in an effort to shed pounds, you stop listening to your body’s cues. You ‘white knuckle’ your days starving with severely reduced calories & other distractions. You set yourself up for wild … Continued

Can’t Lose Weight?

How consistent are you on the weekends? If you’re ‘on the path’ nutritionally during the week, but fall off track on the weekends, this could be the reason why you continue to ‘maintain’ your weight’. Rather than being super strict during the week, then feeling the need to binge on the weekend, you might do … Continued

Eat This Not That for Better Sleep

Can’t sleep? Choose your evening foods wisely. Foods to avoid include: -Processed foods high in sugar can cause an insulin spike & then subsequent cortisol spike -Spicy foods can cause acid reflux -Alcohol & caffeine disturb deep levels of sleep & promote wakefulness Here are some before bed ideas to help you get more shut … Continued

Sore Muscles? Do This

Sore muscles? Need a break from your workouts? Self massage with a foam roller is a lifesaver. Full disclosure: I’m a ‘recovering over-trainer’ so this is my ‘go to’ when I want to workout but need to rest. My muscles thank me (even tho they sort of hate me when I’m rolling over the ouch-y … Continued

Do This Not That: Keto

So you want to try a keto diet? Awesome, you must love meat & fat then. Or at least I hope so because otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Getting the weight off is easy compared to keeping it off. So any ‘diet’ you go on, ask yourself ‘Can I sustain this eating style … Continued

STOP Working Out!

Here’s a PSA to stubborn people (like myself). If you’re experiencing a time of high stress, your body will thank you for taking a break from HARD training. While exercise can be a great stress reliever, it can also tax your already over stressed body to the point of diminishing returns. You may not recover … Continued

Menopause & Your Glass of Wine: MY Drinking Rules

No food or drink item should be off limits, BUT, of course you need to exercise moderation with a healthy, sustainable plan. I like to enjoy a drink from time to time like many women. Here are MY rules: Stay hydrated – have an equal or greater amount of water for every alcoholic beverage. No … Continued

Menopause & Your Glass of Wine

Want enjoy a glass of wine? Is it worsening your menopause symptoms? Look, I don’t want to kill all your fun, but you should be aware.. A calorie is NOT a calorie where alcohol is concerned. Alcohol is its own macro-nutrient (different from protein, carbs & fat) & has 7 calories per gram. It’s metabolized … Continued

Menopause: Losing Your Mind? 3 Tips

Forgot your keys again? Or why you came into a room? Forgot your co-workers name? Brain fog is real & a frustrating symptom of menopause for some women. 60% of middle-aged women report difficulty concentrating with memory issues spiking in peri-menopause. Research suggests that foggy thinking can be related to fluctuating hormones, but the good … Continued