EP 16 – Muscle Building for Women 40+ with Ange Hauck

I’m so excited for my guest today. Ange and I discuss best fat loss methods and what women ‘really’ need to look and feel great. And guess what? Women need muscle… It’s what puts the sexy in your jeans, keeps your functional and your metabolism firing. Ange discusses her personal transformation (you’ll be surprised!) and … Continued

EP 15 – This Is Why I Don’t Like You…

Sorry (not sorry) for the harsh message. Let me explain… Have you been following me for a long time? If so, are you in the same predicament now as you were a year ago or even a few months ago? Imagine if you decided to do something about your health back then… You’d definitely not … Continued

EP 14 – HIIT or LISS – Best Exercise for Women 40+ with Dave Smith

I’m excited Dave Smith is a professional weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional.” He shares health and fitness guidance through his blog and podcast at makeyourbodywork.com and helps fitness professionals grow their online businesses at onlinetrainersfederation.com. We talk about why so many women never see results from their exercise. This is … Continued

EP 13 – Fat Loss Thru Food Prep with Erin Romeo – The Food Prep Princess

You may have heard the saying: Fail to plan…Plan to Fail… Well, this is especially true where nutrition is concerned. My guest today,  Instagram famous #foodprepprincess, Erin Romeo has some great tips for you today to help you food prep your way to better health. Listen in to discover Erin’s best tips and why food … Continued

EP 12 How to Ditch the Diet with Amy Lewis

If you’re a busy woman, possibly an entrepreneur taking care of family, volunteering, walking dogs, and basically trying to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, you’re going to love my guest, Amy Lewis. Amy is a type A personality that you’ll resonate with – she also suffered from Crohn’s disease and just couldn’t … Continued

EP 11 – Menopause & Your Brain with Ryan Glatt

It was such a pleasure literally picking brainiac scientist, Ryan Glatt’s brain about how our brain is wired and what we can do about it to ease the symptoms of menopause. Listen in as Ryan describes three strategies in particular to help us deal with hormonal issues. They are: Top down strategies Bottom up strategies … Continued

EP 10 – Rise and Hustle with Mikey Whitfield

Mike Whitfield and I have been long standing friends for years. It’s been fun to watch him move from fitness expert to expanding his horizons by authoring his book ‘Rise and Hustle’. He has a lot of great tips, ones that have helped him lose 115 lbs and keep it off. I love his ‘habit … Continued

EP 9 – Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

Did you know that EVERYONE is gifted? Yes, that means you too! My good friend and soon to be best selling author of the book, ‘Born Gifted’ shares his journey to discovering his own gift. He’s known as the ‘Fitness Preacher’ but started out in the world of finance. Had he not been FIRED from … Continued

EP 8 – Where Does the Fat Go?

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you lose weight? More specifically, when you lose fat? What happens? Where does the fat go? In this podcast, I’ll give you a little insight as to what actually happens when you lose weight. Is it just me that’s ever wondered where fat actually goes? Does it … Continued

EP 7 – Nutrition Hacks to Lose Your Menopause Belly

Here are the highlights of this podcast… Once exercising, nutrition plays a HUGE role!, in fact 80% is nutrition + 20% is exercise. As a GENERAL rule of thumb, STOP DIETING: ■ Need low glycemic carbs, veggies, fruits, low fat protein sources ■ Reduce processed/refined foods ■ Instead of dieting, make permanent healthy changes to … Continued

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