Mindset & Menopause – with Sarah Millan

Did you ever figure that your mindset could actually reduce menopausal symptoms? Listen to this podcast to find out this: 1. What is Mindfulness? 2. How does stress play into menopausal symptoms & what are the adverse effects? 3. Why is it difficult to be in a place of NOW and let go of anxiety … Continued

EP 28 – Handling Hormone Imbalances with Samantha Gladish

So many women experience hormone imbalances. I’m so happy to welcome hormone expert, Samantha on the show where  we address the following: 1. What is it that leads to hormonal imbalances? 2. What are some simple strategies we can implement to optimize our hormonal health? 3. What are some key strategies women can implement to … Continued

EP 27 – The Road to Wellness with Allan Misner

Do you ever feel like it’s just too late? That you don’t even know where to begin on a road to improved health?   This is exactly how my guest, Allan Misner felt.   He made a comeback to improved health, but it took him 8 years.   The good news is that he has … Continued

EP 26 Menopause & More with Debbie Bertie

Are you struggling with menopause? Good news! My guest today, Debbie Bertie once suffered too and took it upon herself to find some great strategies to deal with the nasty symptoms of menopause. Specifically, we discuss the thyroid and how it plays into menopause and what you can do about it. Tune in for her … Continued

EP 25 ‘So This is 50’ with Laura Heikkila

Is the age of 50 looming for you? Are you a little nervous becoming a half a century old or even older? (How on earth does that even happen?) Today’s guest gracefully has entered her fifth decade and shares some great tips with us including the biggest mistakes she sees women 40+ making in terms … Continued

EP 24 – ReInventing 50 with Annette Hernandez-Duke

Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your life? Whether you feel stuck in your vocation, your relationship, your health, I have an inspirational guest today who’s got some great tips on how to ‘start over’. She is Instagram influencer and super star, Annette Hernandez-Duke. Tune in for tips on where you can begin to reinvent your … Continued

EP 23 Finding Your Passion with Sara Dean

Do you have a passion? Do you give yourself time and space to pursue it? As women, we are so busy taking care of others, we may not even know what we’re passionate about. In this episode my guest, Sara Dean shares her personal story of re-invention and gives actionable steps to help YOU find … Continued

EP 22 Why You Can’t Lose Weight with Tony Stephan

So many women are frustrated with their inability to lose weight. Is this you? Maybe you’ve tried every diet in the book? What’s going on? Why is it that what used to work isn’t working now? Tune in with diet guru Tony Stephan as we deep dive into these questions and more! PS. If you … Continued

Ep 21 – Stop Dieting & Here’s Why with Brandy Schroeder

Are you a chronic dieter? Have you thought about what dieting does to your health overall? Listen in as Brandy and I discuss the whole concept of dieting and a ‘better way’ to think about the whole dieting mentality. Discover what ‘metabolic adaptation’ is and how to avoid it. And listen to the best news … Continued

EP 20 Depression and Your Health with Summer Montabone

Have you ever battled with depression? Depression often has a negative connotation associated with it and many people suffer in silence. Today’s podcast will be especially helpful for those of you that deal with depression to find some hope and solutions. My guest, Summer Montabone is a very accomplished fitness icon, yet battled with (and … Continued