EP 6 – Best Tips to Flatten Your Belly From the Inside Out with Sylvia Favela

In this podcast, we hear from Pilates expert, Sylvia Favela. Sylvia is my long time Cali BFF. She’s been teaching Pilates for over ten years. Currently she helps Pilates business owners reach more people with the gift of Pilates. She says that Pilates keeps her pain free after having suffered debilitating pain from a car … Continued

EP 5 – Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Ever wonder why some people can drop the weight and keep it off? while others yo-yo back and forth or never achieve any weight loss whatsoever? Meet my client and now friend, Lori O. She started her weight loss journey at 197 lbs at only five foot four inches. She finally decided that ‘enough was … Continued

EP 4 – 4 Best Exercises to Lose Your Menopause Belly

If you’ve ever wondered what the best exercises are and what exercises to avoid to help you lose your menopause belly, you’re in the right place. Today’s podcast is 7 Exercise Tips To BOOST Metabolism and Combat Your Menopause Belly… Let’s dive right in! Tip #1 STOP Steady State Cardio You can reduce repetitive use … Continued

EP 3 – 3 Surprising Reasons Your Metabolism Fails

Surprisingly, it’s probably NOT menopause that may be causing your metabolism to tank. There are three unlikely suspects that may be at fault: Body Composition Insulin resistance Hypothyroidism Here’s a great note taking guide to help you.                       Body Composition You may be wondering what … Continued

EP 1 – The Choose One Change Challenge

No one likes change and a challenge sounds intimidating. Welcome to my very first podcast called the ‘Choose One Change Challenge’. Stick with me and I’m going to entice you to make a tiny change that could lead to life changing results… …Results like my super star client, who lost 50 lbs by starting with … Continued

EP 2 – How to Always Win the Fat Loss Game

Want to make some healthy changes? We typically wait until new years or Monday or the start of a month to set a goal. We can set a goal at any time, let’s not wait another day. In this podcast, I discuss: 2 reasons why your diet and exercise efforts have failed in the past. … Continued

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