The Photoshop Effect

Ever wonder why celebrities look so good in all their pictures? You would too if you had a staff to photo shop every picture that went to print. When you start feeling down on yourself for not measuring up, take a look at this and you should feel better about yourself.

Healthy Efforts – worth the effort!

This week I had the opportunity to see Lisa Taylor of She’s a master herbalist and natural health consultant that specializes in iridology, sclerology and tongue analysis. It was very enlightening. I highly recommend that you take the time to make use of her services. She was able to tell me lots about my … Continued

Fall Girls’ Getaway!

Hey Girls,I have 12 spaces in the upcoming ABC Girl’s Getaway Sept 25-27th. Take a look at the video and how much fun we had at the June retreat. Contact me if you need details for registration.

The Secrets to Burn Lower Belly Fat

One of the biggest problems today is that a lot of people who want to burn lower belly fat are not particularly aware about the ways to go about it. They attempt to do some exercise, but without any direction, they make no progress. This can be demoralizing and ultimately leads to the person giving … Continued