Fat Loss Tips from Dustin Maher ‘Trainer to the Mom’s”

You’ve seen Dustin Maher on the blog before. He’s got to be the most clean cut, sweetheart you’d ever want to meet. In fact, if you have a daughter, get her in line cuz Dustin is the man you want her to marry.

His mission is to help one million mom’s by 2015 and he’s well on his way. This small town Wisconsin guy is a sweetheart of TV and radio and I thought it’d be cool to get a video with him.

Before I give you the video, I have to tell you a story….

Dustin and I are part of a mentorship group. We meet in fun places for our mastermind meetings every couple months. One time we were in Las Vegas and were at a great sushi place called the Yellowtail in the Bellagio. Our (hoochie-mama) server was going around the table taking drink orders. Generally fitness peeps are a super fun, albeit health conscious group. Most were having a diet coke, light beer, cocktail etc. When the server came to Dustin, she was a little stupefied when he ordered milk. She had to go check to see if the bar actually had milk…

You gotta love a man that has the courage to stick to his game, even in Vegas.

See what I mean about wanting your daughter to marry  him? Get in line behind me, I’m sure my daughter Hannah will be pleased with the ‘arranged’ marriage I’ve made for her. I just have to ‘arrange’ it now with Dustin…

Oh ya….here’s that video:

Good to know that even the best of the best trainer’s fall off the wagon at times. Notice how quick he got back at it without beating himself up?

That’s one of the most powerful pieces of advice you can take…when ever you fail to meet your goals, don’t wait until Monday to step up. Get back on track right away.

Thanks Dustin! Stay tuned as I’ll make Dustin’s home DVD’s  available to you soon.