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One shoulder dresses are a glamorous new trend that many women are finding tricky to accessorize.  To find out what jewelry to wear and not to wear with a one shoulder dress, visit Fabulous After 40.

Staness Jonekos, creator of The Menopause Makeover, shares the latest flattering styles for a disappearing waistline.

This spring, plus size fashion trends for the petite, full-figured woman are all about elongating and flattering the form.  Fins out how at Black Cat Plus.

Want a fun workout you can do with a partner?  You can do this anywhere. . . even the airport!  Check out Female Fat Loss Over Forty expert, Shawna K as she takes you through a great full body workout.

No Nonsense Beauty Blog shares what she learned about beauty after an editorial meeting with Giselle, the iconic supermodel.

Looking for a foundation that has the added benefits of SPF and skin care ingredients?  Kari at Fab Over Forty shares one that fits the requests of so many women over 40.