Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl

Apple pie for breakfast? Why not! It’s quick, easy and full of protein. Here’s what you need: 175g 2% Greek yogurt apple – chopped cinnamon to taste 10g collagen powder 5g natural psyllium husks 10g maple syrup 10g Kashi granola Chop & microwave apple for about 90 seconds Mix in all other ingredients Enjoy! 30g … Continued

You Don’t HAVE to Food Log (5 Reasons It Helps)

You don’t have to food log to lose weight. But when you do, you’ll have a better idea of what’s working & what isn’t. You’ll be able to course correct more easily. You’ll have a built in accountability tool – because if you promise to log all that you eat, your mindless eating will be … Continued

Why Meal Plans Don’t Work!

Need a meal plan? Want to just be told what to eat? While this can be a helpful strategy in the beginning, this is not a long-term strategy for sustainable weight loss. There are a myriad of reasons why meal plans don’t work, not the least of which is: -you may not understand why you’re … Continued

Can’t Stop Eating?

If processed foods are on the menu, then there’s the problem. Processed foods: -Don’t fill you up like whole unprocessed foods do -Are typically low in protein & other nutrients -Hit the brain’s reward centre so you’ll always crave more Making any food ‘off limits’ only increases its desirability. So just use moderation when incorporating … Continued

Is It Menopause??

Tough love & this may surprise you… There’s probably nothing medically wrong with you. Your inability to lose weight is likely connected to your habits & food choices. This is great news because for the most part, you’re in CONTROL of what you eat. I’m ALL for including all things in your diet, but not … Continued

Hack to ‘Fail Smaller’

Always saying you’ll start over on Monday? Instead of throwing in the towel for the day or the week, break your day into three. If you fail your nutrition at any point, just pick it back up at the next point instead of waiting until Monday. EVERYONE blows their nutrition from time to time. It’s … Continued

The Wrong Way to Diet

Have you made this mistake? You go on a diet & you cut out ALL the things you love? This is a fast track to disappointment & failure. As soon as food is taboo, it’s all you can think about. Plus, it’s not a sustainable way to live if you can’t eat the things you … Continued

What to Do With NO Progress

Haven’t achieved your goals? Rather than beat yourself up about it, remind yourself that good things take time. Control the things you can. When you’re taking positive action, remind yourself: This is what success looks like today. Those bigger things will happen when you continue to take the baby steps. Having a coach helps you … Continued

Stop Dieting – 3 Reasons

Frustrated that your continued hard dieting efforts aren’t working? Stop working so hard! Your body isn’t designed to thrive on low calories for long periods of time. Your body is such a remarkable machine, it will just learn to get by on less. It’s called metabolic adaptation. Taking a diet break by increasing your calories … Continued

Do This Not That: Keto

So you want to try a keto diet? Awesome, you must love meat & fat then. Or at least I hope so because otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Getting the weight off is easy compared to keeping it off. So any ‘diet’ you go on, ask yourself ‘Can I sustain this eating style … Continued