Why Meal Plans Don’t Work!

Need a meal plan?

Want to just be told what to eat?

While this can be a helpful strategy in the beginning, this is not a long-term strategy for sustainable weight loss.

There are a myriad of reasons why meal plans don’t work, not the least of which is:
-you may not understand why you’re eating certain things
-you may not like the food choices
-there’s no plan for special events
-you’re held hostage to a plan forever if there’s no understanding of why you’re eating what

I prefer to help my clients by looking at what they’re currently eating & tweaking that.

The best meal plan is the one you’re currently eating, with some modifications.

NO foods are off limits & I don’t believe in starvation diets.

My clients lose weight eating the MOST yummy food possible.

Need help? I gotchu.