Always Hungry? [solution]

Here’s a solution to always feeling hungry. Eat lots of protein & here’s why: 🍗It’s harder to overeat on protein compared to carbs & fat (that seem to go down a lot quicker). 🍖Protein is more satiating. 🥚Protein helps control blood sugar so you won’t feel a surge of energy & then a crash. 🍣Protein … Continued

Do This Not That: Diet

For healthy weight loss, there should be some hard & fast rules… These things are OUT: Cutting out an entire macro group Going lower than 1000/day Eating food you hate Chasing the number on the scale Over Exercising to burn off excess calories Beating yourself up Changing habits & eating in a sustainable way? YES! … Continued

Eat This Not That: Fruit

I can’t eat fruit, it’s full of sugar! <- I often hear this from ladies… Sugar from fruit is different from processed sugars in sweets. Refined sugars are extracted from their source & have no nutritional value. They are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes & heart disease. Natural sugars come with fiber, vitamins & … Continued

Why You Need to Stop Dieting

Frustrated that your continued hard dieting efforts aren’t working? Stop working so hard! Your body isn’t designed to thrive on a low calorie for long periods of time. Your body is such a remarkable machine, it will just learn to get by on less. It’s called metabolic adaptation. Taking a diet break by increasing your … Continued

Are All Calories the Same?

All calories are NOT created equal! Your body doesn’t recognize processed food. Processed foods can cause inflammation which is the root of many health issues. Processed foods are full of calories that don’t actually provide usable energy that you need. It’s like putting the wrong kind of gas in your car. Fill your body up … Continued

Tips to Simplify Weight Loss

Honestly, people tend to get stuck on the minutia of weight loss and then take NO action and are frustrated. Here are some simple tips to get you started. Ladies, if you need more tips to calm your menopause symptoms, grab my book ‘Lose Your Menopause Belly’ here.

Diet Hack to Lose Your Menopause Belly

It’s so much easier to stay in a calorie deficit when you aren’t hungry. And weight loss only occurs in a calorie deficit. Enter: volume eating. The term sounds counterintuitive to weight loss. But it works when you’re loading up on fiber filled veggies. Adding veggies to meals & snacks is an easy way to … Continued

Menopause? Avoid These Foods!

Have you ever been told that you should avoid certain foods if you’re approaching or going through menopause? The truth is, you can eat pretty much anything – in MODERATION. Food is neutral – there are only ‘good investment’ foods and ‘poor investment’ foods. Good investment foods support health, are nutritionally dense, fill you up, … Continued

The Easiest Fat Loss Tip

Sleep is one of the easiest ways to lose weight – not always easy to get to sleep though. In this video you’ll find a few quick tips and my very favorite which is to set up a reverse alarm to get yourself to bed. We can’t sleep if we don’t set the scene for … Continued

3 am Wake Up? Solutions!

In this video series, you’ll find a number of possible reasons and solutions to help improve your sleep. For more tips on sleep and overcoming menopausal symptoms, get my book: Lose Your Menopause Belly