How to Avoid the ‘Rut’ & Achieve Any Goal

We all fall into a rut from time to time. We can all fall back into old habits, sometimes that we may not even notice right away. For example we might find ourselves on the coach watching Netflix instead of working out or at the bottom of a chip bag or ice cream bucket and … Continued

How to Collapse Time to Reach Your Goals

I know the title of this blog post sounds strange…Let me explain… If you want to go from A to B faster, one way is to collapse the time it takes to make the journey  and the fastest way I know how to get somewhere is to get a clear road map. ➡ Wait! Let … Continued

Bloated? Simple Remedies…

Feeling bloated? Please welcome our new team member, nutrition Coach Katie O’Dwyer-Osterhoff as we discuss bloating and some simple remedies… We all get a little bloated from time to time. It’s important to connect the dots between bloating and what you’ve eaten. If eating gluten or dairy consistently bloats your belly, you may re-think some of your … Continued

Butter or Margarine? Is One Better for Fat Loss?

Margarine is a non-dairy product created as a substitute for butter. While originally made from animal fat in the 1800s, today the primary ingredients include vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, and some also include milk. Butter and margarine spreads may look and taste similar, but they’re not quite the same. Butter is made from fresh or fermented cream or milk. … Continued

Non- Scale Victories and Weight Loss

Buckle down and stay the course…You’ve got this! A client was discouraged with a 6 lb weight loss so I wanted to encourage her and anyone else that’s feeling a bit discouraged at this point. A six pound loss (in 3 weeks) is a 2lb per week loss which is perfect for lasting fat loss. … Continued

Two Game Changing Words to Guarantee Fat Loss

Two game changing words that will help you accomplish ANYTHING 👊🏻… Even though we’ve all experienced failure in certain areas of our lives in the past, it doesn’t mean that we have to continue to live the same story. By changing our self talk and mind set, we can change how things will be in … Continued

Tips to Get More Done Without Having More Time

Tips to get more done…even without more time 🕰… I get it! We are ALL busy and it’s easy to say ‘I don’t have time’ to exercise, to meal prep, for self care, to do any of the important things you want to do in your life… When we say we don’t have time, we … Continued

Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

I had the good fortune to interview a long standing friend, Nisan Trotter. Nisan tells about how getting fired helped him find and develop his own unique gift and how he helps others find their gifting. He’s a powerful speaker and all around amazing man. So far, this interview has been my favorite of all … Continued

Feeling the Sick? Should I Workout?

Invariably everyone will succumb to the sniffles or the flu from time to time. If sickness strikes, what should you do? Many people ask me if it’s okay to train? Will working out help or hinder recovery. Here’s what I suggest… There’s a big difference between working out and active movement. To be clear, in … Continued

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