The Top 10 Reasons to Eat Like a Caveman


You may have heard of the “Caveman Diet” which refers to eating whole, clean foods that are in their most natural state possible. This would mean foods that you can grow, gather, hunt or fish.

Although the term “Caveman Diet” is catchy, the real terminology to describe eating this way is Paleolithic or “PALEO.”

To summarize the paleo style of eating (It’s not really a diet as much as a commitment to eating healthy,) ‘eating paleo’ means eating healthy foods, without the addition of sugar or grains. (Yes, I know that a lot of people think of grains as being healthy, but in fact they add to a lot of health conditions, food allergies, toxicity and autoimmune diseases. That’s a whole post in and of itself.)

So basically, eating paleo means eating meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. And, occasionally, some low fat dairy for variety or other healthy fats like nuts and seeds.

So why would one want to eat this way, and what good will it do you to make the change?

Top 10 Reasons to Go Paleo:

look better naked
1. You’ll lose weight and reduce body fat.

2. Your blood sugar will be regulated

3. You’ll have more energy

4. You’ll have clearer, better skin

5. Your mental focus will improve

6. Less insulin production means less stored fat

7. You’ll be less hungry – you can eat more, without gaining weight

8. You’ll be less bloated

9. Reduced inflammation

10.  You’ll feel better, look better, and have an overall feeling of well being.

As you can tell from the Top 10, there are a lot of strong reasons to consider Going Paleo. The main benefit is of course a healthier body and laser-like mental focus. (And the side benefit of weight loss doesn’t stink, either.)

More info on the Paleo diet to come next post.

Any thoughts on this type of eating? Anyone try this before? Any reservations? Talk to me!