Fitness Gimmicks and Gadgets: Be Aware

Everyone wants a quick fix for fitness and fat loss (or any problem for that matter). If you’re looking at fitness and specifically infomercials for fitness related products, be way. Infomercials are specifically designed. First, they want to find your pain: what’s bothering you? What’s your problem? What keeps you up at night? Then they’ll use your language, that is, they want to resonate with and relate to you. Finally, they’ll present a solution to your problem, which usually involves four easy payments of….

Once you hear this, you want to be ultra conservative.

Here’s a little known fact…Marketers want a low return rate. They want a gadget that folds and tucks away out of site. This is so that the buyer won’t look at it, have “buyer’s remorse” and take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. Anytime you see something that folds away, ask yourself “why is there this convenience?” Is it to help the buyer or the seller??

Here are some other things you can ask yourself before dialling in your credit card number or rushing off to the fitness store to buy a fitness gadget…


fitness gimick 2 Does the product make unbelievable promises? Do the promises sound too good to be true?

If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. And don’t look at the people promoting the product. Most of the fitness models that are in the ads probably don’t even use the product to get into the sort of shape they are in for commercials. In fact, even if they did use the product, they are also likely very lean to start with and anything they did would work to keep them looking fit and lean. It may not have been the product that got them that way.

Also, keep in mind that many times when a marketer is telling you how many calories are being burned with a certain product or workout, they often will take measurements on a muscular man versus a regular woman to get a higher calorie burn count. Is it true? To a certain extent, but is this realistic? No. Head’s up.

Is the product a ‘spot reducer’? Does the product target just one body part?

The only way to trim down one area of the body is to work the entire body and incorporate a healthy diet. You could use an ab machine until you’re blue in the face, all you’ll get are stronger abs, but until you strip away some of the insulation covering the abs (fat) you won’t lose an inch or see your six pack. Often the first place you gain weight is the last place it will come off as well, so be prepared to lose some inches in all areas before you get to the area that you really want to target. Your body is an efficient and perfect machine, but sometimes it’s frustrating in that it won’t co-operate in dropping fat in one area but not another. Don’t be fooled into thinking that some miraculous tool will get you to reduce your booty without losing an inch or two in your chest (or vice versa).

applebell Does the product include a nutrition factor?

You can never out train a poor diet. You can exercise all day long, but if you don’t address your nutritional needs and possibly cut back on calories, you’ll never see the results that you’re looking for. Up to 80% of how you look is based on nutrition, that is, once you’ve incorporated exercise into your lifestyle. Any product, gadget or gizmo that doesn’t address nutrition is suspect.

Who created the product? Is that person qualified?

Check the credentials of the product creator. If you’re looking for a sound product or program, you need to rely on an expert. If it’s just a fitness model that promotes the product and there isn’t any science or expert behind the product, it’s likely not a safe bet.

wgt trng What’s so different about it?

Good marketers will take a tried and true idea and package it up in a new way to empty your wallet. You can often do the same things that the product claims with the equipment you already have in the gym or at home. Use your imagination and creativity to possibly model the product with your own equipment.

Check out the testimonials.

It’s more difficult now to use paid actors to testify that the product is a winner, but be careful to check out the testimonials and even go online and look for reviews, positive and negative. You can type the product name in the search box and often times sales sites and review sites will come up. Read carefully.

clock Is it a must buy NOW?

Take your time. Remember that any product that’s in an infomercial has a ton of money and marketing know-how behind it. The infomercial is created to make you want to impulse buy, so hold the phone! Write down the phone number and if you still feel the need to purchase a day or two later, then do it, but otherwise, hold onto your credit card or cash.

Nearly anything will work if you use it…

This is the truth. Almost any gimmick, gizmo or gadget will get some results if you use it diligently. Some are more effective than others though, so don’t waste your time and money on things that are less effective. Don’t throw money at a fitness or fat loss problem, look for low cost solutions as they are often the best.

There’s no replacing hard earned sweat for getting the body of your dreams.

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