3 AM Wake Up Call Again? Solution

Do you wake up every night at 3 am?

This could be the reason…

You may be low in blood sugar which results in a cortisol response. One of the jobs of cortisol is to wake you up…

Then if often takes up to 45 minutes to fall back asleep.

It takes about 90 minutes go thru a sleep cycle.

When you are woken up in the middle of this cycle, you often feel groggy.

As an aside…
Have you ever woken up and felt rested but gone back asleep for a short time? For example, you wake up at 6 am and you fall back asleep until your alarm at 6:30, you often feel less rested than when you woke naturally at 6 am.

You’d probably be better off to get up at the earlier time than to interrupt your sleep cycle in the middle…

So what can you do with a constant 3 am wake up call?

Eating slow digesting protein with a bit of fat will keep your blood sugar more stable thru the night.

You could try having a slow digesting protein supplement before bed.

Casein protein is one of your best choices, you could have a bit with some 1.5% fat Greek yogurt and berries.

Or you could have a small shake with a bit of almond butter and protein.

Another choice would be a small portion of beef.

Eating protein and fat is your best choice because it won’t illicit an insulin response, so keep the carbs lower.

If you want more specifics on how to dial in your nutrition to offset menopausal symptoms, let me know, I can help.

This little trick is definitely worth a try!

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