Beginner Exercise Mistakes

So you want to start exercising? Excellent! Exercise is proven to have so many health benefits including fat loss, increased functional ability, mood elevation and more. Hey, I’m Shawna Kaminski and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I’ve seen my share of many well meaning folks make regrettable (and avoidable) beginner … Continued

Best Exercises for Women 40+

What do you do that scares you? For me, it’s Facebook LIve…. The fact is, I feel compelled to get my message out there to women who need it (and we all know that plenty of women are on Facebook), even tho the whole ‘live’ aspect of doing video is pretty scary. The hardest part … Continued

Ten Best Exercises

I’m often asked what the BEST exercises are that will deliver the most results in the fastest time possible. And when I say ‘results’ what I mean are fat loss and muscle toning along with increased fitness and functional movement. I’m happy to say that most of you that have been reading my blog have … Continued

Pilates = Core Work on Steriods

I’m pretty stubborn. I can be set in my training ways but I do try to stay open minded where training techniques are concerned. I know that there’s value to many training modalities. The cool thing about Pilates is that less is really more. My pal and master Pilates trainer, Sylvia, visited me recently and … Continued

Fire Your Physio (simple shoulder pain solutions)

Aches, pains and niggles – we all have them.   I wanted to share a quick and easy shoulder release technique with you today and all you need is a small, firm ball.   Muscle releases are not fun – they can be quite painful.  But they WORK.   You can use either a spikey ball … Continued

Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 40

“How do I flatten my tummy?”   This is the most common question I receive.  Hands down.   How we look obviously affects how we feel about ourselves.  Now this is a muddy area for a lot of women because we don’t necessarily have an accurate idea of how we actually really look, and hormones, … Continued

500 Burpees?

I’m not one to do anything half a$$ed. (I’ll make a full a$$ out of myself any day of the week :)) This was no exception. As many of you know, I have own and operate Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp here in Calgary. I’m super excited to partner up with an organization called … Continued

Hot flashes? There’s a better way to work up a sweat

Updated February 11, 2017 New research suggests daily exercise could be the best way way to combat distressing symptoms of the menopause Laura Donnelly, Health Editor of The Telegraph in the UK, writes that hot flushes (flushes in the UK, flashes in the US) can be among the most distressing symptoms of menopause.   No … Continued

Do You Even Squat? Training Tips + 4 Minute Workout

Bodyweight workouts… Lots of folks think that you need a lot of bells and whistles to have a good workout. Not so. Your bodyweight is sufficient for an amazing workout, as you’ll see if you do the follow along workout I have for you below. Now, I must be honest, I don’t ONLY use bodyweight … Continued

Just For the Girls (Over 40)

Have you met my alter ego? As some of you may already know, I have multiple personalities…(So you really don’t need another trainer…kidding!) My first blog is called Female Fat Loss Over 40 and it caters to women (obviously) over 40. I started this blog to help many of my local fitness boot campers who … Continued

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