10 Minute Quick Workout

Who says you need hours in the gym to have a workout? This little 10 minute quad burner can be done at home or at the gym. All you need is a box, bench or stool of some sort & a wall. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Do 10 per leg step ups (or … Continued

Tips to Get Your Workout Done

Make your life a little easier by putting a few habits in place to get that workout DONE! If you’re a woman over 40, here’s the perfect at-home solution to lose your menopause belly: http://www.MyBikiniBelly.com

Pull Up Progression Part 2

Want to do a pull up? Check out my beginner pull up progression & then follow up with these 5 progressions: 1. By now you should be able to do a thin banded pull up with eccentric (slow) lowering (5 reps) 2. Do a jumping pull up (5-10 reps) 3. Do a jumping pull up … Continued

Beginner Pull Up Tips

Want to do a pull up? It’s a worthy and DOABLE goal, even for those late to the game. Side note: I learned how to do all kinds of skills like kipping pull ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand push ups & handstand walking well into my 50’s. If I can learn, so can … Continued

Can’t Squat?

“But I can’t squat!” EVERYONE who wants to toilet themselves can squat. So unless you want bathroom assistance over time, it’s wise to strengthen those quads now because if you don’t use your muscles, you’ll lose them. You can simply start with a wall sit for 30 sec to a minute. Work into 90º depth. … Continued

Hack to Beat the Voices in Your Head

Make a promise, keep a promise. Every time you keep a promise to yourself, you build integrity. In this case, the ‘workout’ habit becomes easier to follow through with. Keep those promises to yourself. Even if it means only doing 10 minutes of your workout. It’s a start & will help build the ‘habit’ of … Continued

What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

Don’t exercise to burn calories. You won’t stick with an exercise you hate. You’d be better off with long term adherence to a lower calorie burning exercise than pushing yourself to do something you hate & end up quitting. Workouts should be for fun & fitness. You can increase your calorie burn simply by increasing … Continued

Overwhelmed? 3 Tips to Get Fitness Started

Stop procrastinating Timing will NEVER be right to change a habit or start something new like a fitness routine. Start small where you’re at. Take baby steps. You got this! I can help. If you want to workout with my team & me, go here: https://tinyurl.com/Shawnakworkout I’m taking baby steps as I return from hip … Continued

4 Tips to Multiple Pull Ups

If you can get one, you can get multiple pull ups. Here are 4 tips: 1. Look up, keep the shoulders down and chest up. This will allow you to use the stronger muscles of the back instead of trying to just use your arms. 2. Do a pull up every time you can! 3. … Continued

Handstand Walk Progression

Who doesn’t want to learn how to handstand walk? This is one of my favorite skills that I learned in the last 2 years. I’m 58 & if I can do it, so can you with some practice & patience. You’ll need to be able to do a supported handstand first so, check out my … Continued