53 Home Exercises for a Bikini Belly

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a gym membership or fancy gym equipment at home to get a bikini belly. Bodyweight exercises are extremely effective and can be done anywhere. They are one of the BEST ways to get fit and lose belly fat. In fact, instead of wasting time and money on getting … Continued

Train Smarter NOT Harder

Sadly I see some very bad things… In the gym that is.  I was squatting the other day and the fella beside was doing something, well, I’m not quite sure what it was. I believe he felt it was a squat, but it looked like a cross between a squat and a good morning…I cringed … Continued

What Can You Do With A Kitchen Towel?

I’ve heard every excuse in the book… •    The dog ate my gym shoes. •    Sweat makes my false eyelashes come off. •    I don’t have any clean workout clothes. •    I just got my hair done. •    I’m going to lose weight first and then start working out. •    I can’t afford a gym … Continued

Pee Your Pants? [solution]

Have you experienced a sneezing or laughing attack and then come to realize you’ve pee’d your pants? Most people think this is just part of getting older…It’s one of those touchy intimate subjects that many may complain about and no one thinks there’s a solution. But there actually is something you CAN do about it. The reason you … Continued

Beginner Exercise Mistakes

So you want to start exercising? Excellent! Exercise is proven to have so many health benefits including fat loss, increased functional ability, mood elevation and more. Hey, I’m Shawna Kaminski and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I’ve seen my share of many well meaning folks make regrettable (and avoidable) beginner … Continued

Best Exercises for Women 40+

What do you do that scares you? For me, it’s Facebook LIve…. The fact is, I feel compelled to get my message out there to women who need it (and we all know that plenty of women are on Facebook), even tho the whole ‘live’ aspect of doing video is pretty scary. The hardest part … Continued

Ten Best Exercises

I’m often asked what the BEST exercises are that will deliver the most results in the fastest time possible. And when I say ‘results’ what I mean are fat loss and muscle toning along with increased fitness and functional movement. I’m happy to say that most of you that have been reading my blog have … Continued

Pilates = Core Work on Steriods

I’m pretty stubborn. I can be set in my training ways but I do try to stay open minded where training techniques are concerned. I know that there’s value to many training modalities. The cool thing about Pilates is that less is really more. My pal and master Pilates trainer, Sylvia, visited me recently and … Continued

Fire Your Physio (simple shoulder pain solutions)

Aches, pains and niggles – we all have them.   I wanted to share a quick and easy shoulder release technique with you today and all you need is a small, firm ball.   Muscle releases are not fun – they can be quite painful.  But they WORK.   You can use either a spikey ball … Continued

Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 40

“How do I flatten my tummy?”   This is the most common question I receive.  Hands down.   How we look obviously affects how we feel about ourselves.  Now this is a muddy area for a lot of women because we don’t necessarily have an accurate idea of how we actually really look, and hormones, … Continued