Eat This, Avoid That After You Workout

Regular workouts should be your TOP priority, but after that, a post workout shake can help boost results. For this ONE meal, you want something that digests FAST. Avoid fats & fiber because they slow down digestion. Quick digesting protein (like whey) is a good choice, along with an equal amount of carbs. The carbs … Continued

4 Ways to Build Muscle (Even in Menopause)

Muscle is the fountain of youth. It keeps you functional & fuels your metabolic fire. You can build muscle well into your 70’s, so don’t think it’s too late! Obviously lifting MORE weight will help you build muscle. Focusing on SLOW lifting, especially during the ECCENTRIC contraction (often when lowering the weight) will build muscle. … Continued

7 Tips to Bump Up Your Fitness

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Baby steps. I’ve used these techniques to recover from hip replacement surgery in August of 2021. I’m back to doing all the things I love & at about 70% strength for hip related moves 5 months later. While making these small changes don’t seem like much, over … Continued

Wanna Workout But Can’t Leave Home?

We’ve all been stuck at home for some reason or another. -Sleeping or sick kids. -Broken down car or poor weather. -Gyms closed. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to be the reason you miss your workout again. Join me & my team for LIVE workouts (or workout in your own time with 200+ follow … Continued

My Doctor Prescribed Exercise…

Looking for a short cut? There really isn’t one… But the good news is that there are so many exercise options – you’ll even benefit from walking! So just find something to do & get moving. And if you need some support, why not workout with me & my team? We do LIVE Zoom workouts … Continued

Wake Up Your Glutes

Ima lazy a$$… With my hip injury/replacement surgery, my body turned off glute muscles to allow for healing, so now it’s time to wake them up. I did these exercises before & especially after surgery to get muscles firing (so I can safely return to other fun movements like squats, snatches, cleans, etc). If you … Continued

Should You Workout on Holidays?

Should you workout on holidays? Yes & No! Do what feels right for you! We happen to enjoy staying active on holidays, but we spend just as much time chillin … Wherever you are, if you’re looking for a quick full body workout, ‘Cindy’ is a ‘fun’ one: AMRAP 20 minutes 5 pull ups (or … Continued

Try Something New…

Changing up a training variable is a fun challenge. Who knew walking on grass would be so hard? If you’re doing the ‘same old’ where your workouts are concerned, I dare you to try something new… What will you change up? Train with me & my team here:  

Cardio or Weights for Weight Loss?

Cardio or weights for weight loss? NEITHER! Your workout isn’t for calorie burning, it’s for fun & function. Okay, there’s a calorie burning aspect to it, but there are so many other benefits like: Improved heart health. Improved body composition. Improved muscle/bone strength. Improved mental health. Your body will benefit from BOTH cardio & resistance … Continued

Got 20 Minutes? Let’s GO

Got 20 minutes? Here’s a fun full body AMRAP workout to do solo or with a friend (lotsa modifications available so anyone can do this): 15 unanchored sit ups 12 BB or DB thrusters or air squats 9 T2B or knees to chest or leg raises 6 burpees or full body extensions 3 Devil’s press … Continued