What’s the Big Deal with Water?

You’d be surprised at how a simple ‘hack’ like drinking more water can have amazing health benefits. The body is a remarkable piece of machinery. When water intake is low, our body will turn into survival mode and begin to hold onto all the available water present in the body. This survival action can cause an … Continued

Surprising Way to Raise Your Metabolism

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at this way to raise your metabolism! Surprisingly, eating is one of the BEST ways to keep your metabolism firing. Chronic low calorie diets or yo-yo dieting will KILL your metabolism. If you’ve been on the diet roller coaster, you’ll want to slowly increase your food intake and make sure that … Continued

Grocery Shopping Tips

The grocery store can be a confusing place. Join Sev and me as I go what was in my grocery cart for some tips on easy, healthy and affordable ways to nourish you and your family. You’ll find lots more tips and ways to lose your menopause belly in my FREE book (just pay S&H). … Continued

Tuna Apple Crackers – snacks with style

  Judy Lamont is a good friend, and one of our very favourite food and style bloggers.  Her popular blog The Joy Trail  is a visual feast and showcases her wonderful photography of fashion, home decor and, my personal fave, her divine food.  We’re fortunate to have Judy writing for us today offering her delicious take … Continued

Should I Eat Before I Workout?

I once was a ‘fasted cardio’ fan, but I’ve since changed my tune. Doing cardio on an empty stomach is popular with physique competitors and bodybuilders striving to get as lean as possible. The theory is that low insulin levels associated with fasting are conducive to fat breakdown, meaning there are more fatty acids available … Continued

Essential Oils to the Rescue

I felt a lil catch in my throat… You know that feeling when you feel that maybe a cold is coming on? What do YOU do? For me, I break out the oil of oregano. I used to think it was just an old wives tale that using essential oils would actually make a difference … Continued

5 Simple Tricks to Banish Belly Bloat

You try hard to eat well and get in your workouts, but you still struggle to get the flat belly you long for. You know what to do and even wake up some days with a flat(ter) belly, only to find by mid-day you need to unbutton  your pants to accommodate belly bloat. During the week … Continued

Healthy to the Bone

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones, increasing the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. Osteoporosis translates literally to mean “porous bone”.  We all lose some bone density as we age and bones get thinner as existing bone breaks down faster than new bone builds.  As this occurs, our bones lose calcium and other minerals and … Continued

She lost 17 pounds then…{We Never Saw her Again}

Guest Post from Andrew Beatty “Andrew, oh my god Andrew…I’ve lost 17 pounds”.  Holy crap I screamed, she gave me a high five and told me “I’m not going to stop until I’ve all this weight off me”.  I was so happy, just getting this girl to turn up the first day was a struggle. … Continued

10 Foods that fight stress (and belly fat)

Women should be issued with a button “in times of stress, release chocolate”!   The problem with most typical “comfort” foods that we turn to in times of stress is that the gratification is often short term, leaving us weighing heavier and feeling bad about ourselves and more stressed than when we started.   Apart from … Continued

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