Always Hungry? [solution]

Here’s a solution to always feeling hungry. Eat lots of protein & here’s why: 🍗It’s harder to overeat on protein compared to carbs & fat (that seem to go down a lot quicker). 🍖Protein is more satiating. 🥚Protein helps control blood sugar so you won’t feel a surge of energy & then a crash. 🍣Protein … Continued

The Truth About Nuts

It’s a common misconception. Many people think nuts are a good source of protein. False. Nuts are a good source of fats. It is difficult to create a calorie deficit for weight loss if using nuts as a protein source. It’s important to maintain adequate protein intake while trying to lose weight. There are many … Continued

3 ‘Must Have’s’ to Lose Fat

Fat loss is a simple concept once you grasp these three principles. Too often we get caught up in tiny details that don’t really matter. Just create a calorie deficit, find something sustainable & fill up on protein so that you maintain your muscle & don’t want to eat your fist! There are very different … Continued

Protein Packed Breakfast Pancakes

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I always start off with a good portion of protein because it helps to keep me satiated through out the morning. This is a super simple recipe: 70g Kodiak pancake mix 1 egg 4 oz plain low fat Greek yogurt dash of cinnamon 1/3 c water Mix it all up, … Continued

Going Meatless? 5 Facts You Should Know

Whether you’re going meatless for a meal, or month or longer, your body still needs protein so here are 5 facts you need to know. Fact 1 – The human body creates 11 amino acids but must get another nine from food. Animal products are complete proteins, meaning they contain all the amino acids. Some … Continued

The Magic Missing Ingredient for Fat Loss

❓What’s on your plate?… 🤞I hope there’s some PROTEIN because it’s the ‘missing’ macro for most women… Benefits… ✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue… ✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management… ✳️Maintains energy levels so you avoid crashes and the ‘hangry’s’… ✳️Helps build metabolism… If I were to give ONE trick to losing your menopause belly, it … Continued

The Answer to a Flat Belly

I’m doing the ‘This is Fitness’ Challenge over here: I’d love it if you joined me daily. This topic is SO important tho, I wanted to include it here… 🍴Fuel for your body… ➡️Protein is the ‘missing’ macro for most women Benefits: ✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue ✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management ✳️Maintains energy … Continued

Protein: Why? How Much? When? What?

Protein is the macro-nutrient that women tend to eat in the smallest quantity. After reading this, my hope is that you’ll double down on your intake and here’s why…. First of all, what does protein do? Why do you need to eat it at all? Let’s break it down… ❓Why do I need protein? • … Continued

#1 Food to Eat to Reduce Belly Fat

Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic bean, pill or potion that you could eat to reduce belly fat? Don’t let anyone sell you any of the above, but if I were asked what the BEST food to eat to reduce belly fat, I’d have the answer so fast it would make your head … Continued

Tuna Apple Crackers – snacks with style

  Judy Lamont is a good friend, and one of our very favourite food and style bloggers.  Her popular blog The Joy Trail  is a visual feast and showcases her wonderful photography of fashion, home decor and, my personal fave, her divine food.  We’re fortunate to have Judy writing for us today offering her delicious take … Continued