More Easy Protein Ideas

Magic bullet for fat loss? Yup! It’s protein! It keeps you satiated & helps maintain (and even build) lean shapely muscle that keeps your metabolism stoked. Try to get a little protein with every meal and snack. It can be a challenge! That’s why this is a recurring topic in my nutrition accountability coaching group … Continued

3 Ways to Get More Protein Daily

Protein makes you feel fuller longer. Here are three ways to eat more protein daily: Add a little protein with every meal and snack Slightly increase your current protein portions Add a protein shake daily Bonus tip: Give yourself a few minutes after eating as it takes 20 minutes for your belly to tell your … Continued

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Want easier time managing your menopausal symptoms? The pass the protein please! Protein supports lean muscle and lean muscle fuels your metabolic fire. With lean muscle, you will: -have more functional strength -be less prone to injury -gain your calorie burning ability (because muscle is metabolically active) If you want to remain lean & strong, … Continued

Start Your Day This Way

Start your day with these simple things… 1. Sunshine (real or artificial light) will help to regulate your body clock for better sleep. 2. Protein will help energize you & keep you fuller longer. 3. Motion is lotion! Even 5 minutes of easy movement will ease joint pain & help you feel more energized. 4. … Continued

Need Protein Ideas?

Protein is the SUPER HERO of fat loss. It keeps you feeling fuller longer, supports workout recovery and helps build lean muscle tissue. Here are 24 ways to get 25g of protein in daily:  

Protein Packed Breakfast

Protein in the morning can be a game changer for weight loss. It fends off energy crashes. It helps feed your muscles… And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism & the more calories you burn (even at rest). Here’s one of my fav breakfasts: 1 egg 50g Greek yogurt dash cinnamon 70g … Continued

3 Ways to Eat More Protein

Protein is the magic bullet of weight loss if there ever was one. Trouble is, it can be a challenge to eat enough of it. Here are three ways to increase your daily intake. As a ballpark, aim for 1g of protein per desired pound of bodyweight. Anything less is basically to prevent malnutrition, not … Continued

How to Measure Protein

If you want to connect the dots between what you’re ‘really’ eating, how you’re feeling & the results you’re getting, food logging is highly recommend. One key is knowing how to log properly. Understanding how to log protein is a common issue. The actual weight of the protein source isn’t the actual protein in that … Continued

Here’s What 25g of Protein Looks Like

Looking for a magic bullet for weight loss? Protein is as close as you’ll get. Protein helps to keep you full longer & helps to repair & build lean muscle. It helps manage energy levels by reducing insulin spikes when eaten with carbs. Aim to get some protein with every meal & snack (at least … Continued

Why Menopausal Women Need More Protein

Are you getting enough? Protein is the magic bullet to aging well & helping with weight loss & weight maintenance. Protein helps to preserve lean muscle & lean muscle is the fountain of youth. Without lean muscle, you will: -lose functional strength -be more prone to injury -lose your calorie burning ability (because muscle is … Continued