The Answer to a Flat Belly

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This topic is SO important tho, I wanted to include it here…

🍴Fuel for your body…

➡️Protein is the ‘missing’ macro for most women

✳️Repairs/rebuilds lean muscle tissue
✳️Moderates blood sugar for better insulin management
✳️Maintains energy levels so you avoid crashes and the ‘hangry’s’
✳️Helps build metabolism

If I were to give ONE trick to losing your menopause belly, it would be to eat more protein.

Most women consume higher carb and high fat diets and can’t get lean.

⭐️When you change the composition of your food (more protein), you can change the composition of your body WITHOUT DECREASING INTAKE SIGNIFICANTLY!

You can’t ‘starve’ off fat. Your body will go into survival mode and hold onto every ounce.

⭐️You can COAX off fat by FEEDING your body, specifically with the right composition of macros (protein/carbs/fats).

⭐️When your body sees that there’s a steady supply of the right kind of energy coming in, it will boost up metabolism.

Protein is not always the most ‘fun food’ – especially on the go – you need to be creative to get your protein in but it’s well worth it!

Women, a good start is to eat 1 g of protein per pound of body mass – altho this will be a LOT for most of you so try for 100g of protein daily.

🍖🍣Split your protein into 3-5 meals/snacks and it’s not an overwhelming amount. 🍳🍤

💦Drink a ton of water to help your body process your intake and NO! your kidneys will NOT be over taxed eating 100g of protein a day!

If you want more personalized programming, you know I’m here for you! Just reach out to me 😀

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As for me…

I have a protein supplement after training, then the majority of my protein comes from chicken, turkey, eggs and and fish. I like beef but it’s a bit high fat so I have it 1-2 times a week.

If you think that your fitness alone will get rid of your menopause belly, you are incorrect – your flat belly is made in the kitchen with healthy nutrition.

⬆️The ‘this is fitness’ challenge today is to increase your protein intake.

⁉️What’s your fav protein source?

PS. Let me know if I can help you here.