EP 2 – How to Always Win the Fat Loss Game

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 2 - How to Always Win the Fat Loss Game

Want to make some healthy changes? We typically wait until new years or Monday or the start of a month to set a goal.

We can set a goal at any time, let’s not wait another day.

In this podcast, I discuss:

  • 2 reasons why your diet and exercise efforts have failed in the past.
  • 3 tips to successful goal setting
  • 2 tips to evaluate if you really hit the mark
  • Ideas for how to get the MOST fat loss results from the LEAST amount of time and effort.

One Reason You May Have Failed in the Past…

You may not be in touch with your reason WHY…

It may take a bit of time to get to the bottom of your real reason by the way, it’s not always just to ‘look better’.

Any reason is valid, you just need to find yours. With any weight loss effort, the going will get tough. When you’re in touch with the reason you want to improve your health, it’s easier to stick to you plan.

The second reason you may have failed at fat loss in the past is that you may have tried to change too much too soon. It’s important to set yourself up for success by taking on small doable changes.

Make sure to tune into my first podcast called ‘Choose One Change’ to help you determine what to change first.

Setting a fat loss goal is a great start to upgrading your health, here are three hacks to successful goal setting:

1. Make your goal measurable so you know when you’ve succeeded.
2. Set a deadline to accomplish your goal.
3. Get accountability from a coach and supportive friends.

Evaluating your success can be tricky. There’s a way to always find the silver lining and feel successful with any healthful endeavor.

To begin, change the perspective in which you evaluate things. Instead of looking FORWARD at where you’d like to go, look BACKWARDS at how far you’ve come. By comparing where you’re currently at in terms of your goal instead of where you’d like to be, you’re more likely to find success.

Goals tend to be ‘moving targets’ like the horizon. As you get close to achieving your original goal, you may notice that the goal changes so you never fully experience a ‘win’. Or you may not hit your goal 100% so the focus is on the 5% you missed. When we focus on progress towards a goal and not perfection (thank you Dan Sullivan), we’re able to feel a win.

To achieve success on the regular, set the stage for it:
1. Look back at your wins
2. Analyze any obstacles
3. Look ahead and make a plan to eliminate obstacles in the future

Arm yourself with a solution so obstacles are less likely to get in the way and you’re more likely to hit your goal.

Planning and preparation is really the key to long-term fat loss success. After all, you know the old saying, ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’. This holds true for fat loss and all other areas of life.

Lastly, here are some ideas to help get the MOST fat loss results with the least amount of time and effort…I’ll be doing podcasts on these topics in the future:

Exercise Ideas:
• Shorten your workout
• Stop the cardio
• Add metabolic resistance training
• Discover the beauty of compound movements
• Schedule your workout in PEN
• Get an accountability partner

Nutrition Ideas:
• Stop dieting!
• Eat MORE wholesome foods
• Replace sugar & processed foods
• Eat your calories vs drinking them
• Eat more protein
• The TEN MINUTE RULE: Still hungry? Craving something? Wait 10 minutes, if you’re still hungry, then eat some protein or veggies.

Attitude Adjustments:
• Measure progress not perfection
• Discover your WHY
• Set a small goal and make a change to achieve it
• Look back at your wins
• Look ahead to overcome obstacles

To help you ALWAYS feel like a winner, my suggestion is to do some planning. My challenge for you is take a hard look at the goals you’re setting for yourself and ask if you’re really setting yourself up for success or not. Once you change your mindset around goal setting you’ll be more successful at sustained fat loss.

Remember to always look backward when measuring success and plan forward to overcome obstacles.

I’ve got a tool to walk you thru this. Click here for a free downloadable workbook to help you set winning goals every time.

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You’ll find an amazingly supportive group of women there as well as a ton of great content to help you through your fitness and fat loss journey.

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