EP 1 – The Choose One Change Challenge

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 1 - The Choose One Change Challenge

No one likes change and a challenge sounds intimidating.

Welcome to my very first podcast called the ‘Choose One Change Challenge’. Stick with me and I’m going to entice you to make a tiny change that could lead to life changing results…

…Results like my super star client, who lost 50 lbs by starting with one small change. Stay tuned for her story and how you can use the same principle to change your own life for the better…

You see…

I believe that there are too many women over 40 that have given up on themselves not realizing how simple and attainable it is to look and feel better than they ever have.

In this podcast, I’ll give you my number one tip to change any thing.

You’ll find out a little more about me and why I’m so passionate about helping women.

In a nutshell, I can say that my mom was my inspiration…

Now it’s not what you may think. My mom wasn’t a champion for women. My mom was a champion for our family, but in being so, she was not a champion for herself.

I never saw my mom take care of herself because she was busy taking care of us. Her poor lifestyle choices caught up with her and she passed away in early 2014 just as she was trying to make some changes. Sadly she ran out of time.

I don’t want YOU to run out of time or leave your loved ones and I want you to fully enjoy every aspect of life rather than enduring it in a body that seems to be revolting.

My ‘Choose One Change Challenge’ involves you picking ONE thing to change to have a health upgrade. It might be in the areas of lifestyle, mindset, motivation or nutrition.

My super star client, Diane, did just this. She knew she needed a health upgrade and started small.

She started by taking the sugar out of her coffee. This change was small and doable. She wasn’t overwhelmed with it. She remembered it. She owned it and then implemented another change. She changed her brand of yogurt to one with less sugar and more protein. She added short workouts with me along the way. Every change was just a small step.

She’s lost 50lbs.

The problem with change is that many are too zealous about changing too much too soon. When this happens, it gets overwhelming so the white flag goes up and nothing actually changes.

Small changes are doable. Here are a few examples:

• Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.
• Go to bed another 15 minutes earlier.
• Wake up (and get out of bed) at a specified time.
• Reduce TV watching to a specified time frame.
• Read a professional/inspirational/motivational (insert descriptor) book
• Do something social each week.
• Say no or limit to social events each week.
• Save money for a …. (fill in the blank)
• Carve out family time on xx day for xx long.

• Start a gratitude journal to write 3 things you’re grateful for each morning.
• Think of something nice to say to yourself every time you see yourself in a mirror.
• Consciously be more polite to others with saying please and thank you.
• Find a blessing with every negative happening.

• Add a workout in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
• Add a weekend workout.
• Use the stairs at work.
• Walk the dog twice a day.
• Do a hike every second weekend.
• Stretch for 5 minutes after each workout.
• Train with a buddy on Saturdays.

• Remove added sugar your coffee.
• Read labels and if a product has more than 5 ingredients, don’t buy.
• Start eating organic veggies.
• Swap brands of yogurt to a higher protein/less sugar brand.
• Include a green drink daily.
• Drink more water in the day.
• Reduce coffee intake to before noon only.
• Allow soda only on Saturday.

Now, your challenge is to just start with ONE thing, you don’t need to implement a ton of changes that will overwhelm you, make you feel guilty and fail.

Set yourself up for success with one change today.

Don’t give up on yourself like my mom gave up on herself. I miss my Mom and wish I could be giving her this message.

The ‘choose one change challenge’ can be the stepping-stone to the immediate health upgrade you need.

Click here for the ‘Choose One Change Challenge’ guide.

Head to my Healthy Secrets Facebook Group and share what your change will be so we can support you and keep you accountable.

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