EP 9 – Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 9 - Born Gifted with Nisan Trotter

Did you know that EVERYONE is gifted? Yes, that means you too!

My good friend and soon to be best selling author of the book, ‘Born Gifted’ shares his journey to discovering his own gift. He’s known as the ‘Fitness Preacher’ but started out in the world of finance. Had he not been FIRED from the job he went to college to acquire, we would never be blessed with his enthusiasm and passion for fitness and helping others be the healthiest version of themselves.

Nisan gives actionable steps to determine what YOUR gift is and how to best cultivate it. He also shares how to overcome the biggest obstacle that will stop you from developing your gift.

Make sure that you get Nisan’s book Born Gifted. You’ll find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. He has recently created the audio version. Nisan will inspire you to be your best.

Click this link to get your copy