Why You Need Muscle & How to Get It

Muscle mass can predict survival rate as we age. And, the QUALITY of your life depends on your muscle mass. Muscle is literally the fountain of youth and it becomes more important as you age. Sarcopenia (muscle wasting) is real. Srikanthan, P., & Karlamangla, A. S. (2014). Muscle mass index as a predictor of longevity … Continued

Stop! You’re Doing It Wrong – Save Your Shoulders

Stop! You’re doing it wrong. If you want happy shoulders while developing your chest, shoulder and tricep muscles, avoid straight arms for chest flies and wide arms/hands for push ups. Instead, protect your shoulders by balancing the weight of the DB over the elbow for chest flies and keeping the hands and elbows close to … Continued

Office ‘Movement Snack’

Stuck at the office with no time to workout? You can still get a ‘movement snack’ in! Do this little ‘snack’ at your desk when you start to feel your energy lag… 5-7 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)… 5 incline burpees (counter top or seat of a chair) 5 incline push ups 5 … Continued

Can’t Sleep [Solutions]

Can’t sleep? One of the most powerful ways to set your body clock is to get at least 10 minutes of natural sunshine within an hour of waking. If you can’t get outside for natural light, try using a ring light or ‘happy light’ indoors for a longer period. Observing the evening sunset can also … Continued

Trouble Squatting? (Solution)

Trouble squatting? Maybe your can’t reach depth or lean forward on your squat? Everyone is built differently with different flexibility, limb length & hip width. These play into YOUR most comfortable squatting position. If you have tight ankles, try raising your heels to see if this helps your depth & ability to stay upright. Would … Continued

Pee Your Pants?

You’re not alone if you pee your pants when you cough or sneeze. But you don’t need to suffer. There are things you can do to reduce symptoms of incontinence. Incorporate these healthy habits to strengthen your pelvic floor.:

Self Care Tip

Meet Libby. She’s been experiencing a few menopause symptoms. (She’s shockingly NOT the greatest guard dog. Possibly because she maintains a sunny disposition, even in menopause!) Like most menopausal women, Libby’s a little low energy these days. The good thing is she’s great at self-care so she takes time for herself when she needs it. … Continued

Just a Reminder!

In case no one told you today… You’re gorgeous. Stop focusing on the flaws you think you have. Women over 50 – you really are gorgeous… Share this sentiment with a menopausal woman that needs to hear this today.

Want a ‘Bikini Body’?

Everyone has a ‘bikini body’. Have a body? Have a bikini? Voila! Bikini Body! Seriously, I hope you love the skin you’re in. And if you don’t, I can help! Start with my Nutrition Academy so you understand what your body needs and why: https://shawnak.securechkout.com/nutrition-academy

How Often Should You Think About Your Health?

Stop looking for that ONE magic bullet. It’s the small habits done EVERY DAY that make the most impact on health. What’s one habit you consistently do EVERY DAMN DAY? Need some support? I gotchu. Let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna