How do I choose the right boot camp for me?

You may have noticed a ‘boot camp’ fitness craze that has exploded on the fitness scene recently, and will continue to grow. With the arrival of spring, here’s what to watch for if you’re considering giving one a try yourself: First of all, look closely at the qualifications of the instructor. There are unscrupulous instructors … Continued

This Week at Boot Camp!

Hey campers! I just wanted to thank you for your hard work, dedication and humor at camp this week. Take a look at yourself….How’s your diet going? Remember clean eating and all your sweat at camp will have you doing the ‘happy dance’ at our up coming evaluations. I’m looking forward to the last few … Continued

Long Weekend Drinking?

With the long weekend coming up, I thought I’d provide some info to keep in mind while you’re thinking of having a cool one. I don’t want to be a kill-joy, but if you have certain fitness and aesthetic goals, you should read on… Is there any place for alcohol in the fitness lifestyle? The … Continued

Look what’s coming to boot camp!

Today I did a workshop called ‘I Flow’. Once I figure this out, you can look forward to doing this full body workout at camp. It’s sort of a blend of yoga, pilates, and resistance training all rolled into one!

Favorite workout?

Great week everyone! I value your feed back, let me know what your fav workout was this week or any day of boot camp for that matter and I’ll try to keep it comin’. I have a ton of new stuff to make you sweat next week.

Fat Burning Workouts – What Keeps Professional Athletes Fit?

Different people have different levels of fat burning capacities and it largely depends on the fat burning workouts they perform. Professional athletes are the best examples as they tend to do fat burning workouts even as they practice or play their sport. With regular practice an athlete develops a better cardiovascular system which ensures that … Continued

The Need of Stomach Fat Loss is Increasing

In today’s world most of the working professionals are facing a lot of common problems, a lot of stress, competition, hours in front of the computer, constantly changing schedules and increasing stomach fat. All these signs can be dangerous in the long run and in order to ensure that you do not fall prey to … Continued

The Secrets to Burn Lower Belly Fat

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