Want Workout DVD’s?

I wanted to share a few points about fat loss that can really

springboard you towards success or tank your progress.

First of all,  you need to address your hormonal environment.
You can’t lose an ounce unless you address your hormones.
That is, if your fat loss program is not strategically and specifically
addressing your hormonal environment, you pretty much
have ZERO chance of actively burning fat for more than
a few hours a day.
Secondly, you’ll have ZERO success if you’re not performing
exercise that TRULY boosts your metabolism.
Did you know that certain types of exercise have been
shown to dramatically increase metabolism?  And by
dramatically I mean for up to 48 hours straight.
That said, the type of exercise that yields this kind of benefit
is NOT the type of exercise you commonly see being
performed for fat loss in gyms all around the world.
You see, if you’re doing traditional slow-go cardio or high
repetition, light weight resistance training, you are leaving
each session with virtually no positive effect on your metabolism.

Enter 24-7 Fat Loss…

24/7 fat loss
This is a program designed by my mentor and friend, Craig
Ballantyne. What’s even better, is you get 8 hard copy, physical
DVD’s with workouts that burn fat 24/7 in your own home.
No fancy equipment.  No gym membership required.  And now
burning massive amounts of fat in the comfort of your living
room couldn’t be easier.

24/7 Fat Loss Hard-Copy DVDs
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Keep rockin and burning belly fat.

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