Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. Weight loss takes time, no need to simply slash calories at the sign of stalled progress. Stay consistent. Watch the trend, as long as weight is trending downwards ever so slightly, you’re on the right path. If or when it stays the same or goes up for 2 week or more, now … Continued

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Here are 3 reasons why you may not be losing weight & what you can do about it. Remember, you can’t be in a calorie deficit long term! At some point you need to give your metabolism a break so you can save your sanity & your metabolism! Increasing calories can be especially terrifying! I’m … Continued

Not Losing Weight?

Not Losing Weight? Here are 3 reasons why & what you can do about them: 1. You may not be in a calorie deficit – this could be from not knowing the content of your food or inaccurate food tracking. Solution: Be more diligent about food tracking – use the free app My Fitness Pal … Continued

Menopause Weight Loss Reality

Frustrated with slow weight loss? Weight loss IS possible, it just takes consistency. Like ’25 days of the month in a calorie deficit’ consistency. Ideal fat loss is 1/2-1 pound weight loss per week. Be patient. You’ve got this. Happy to help! Start here.

Weight Loss Plateau?

There are a variety of reasons your weight may have hit a plateau. Know that now matter what, you’re still making progress. Your body needs time to get accustomed to a new set point. Any time you can drop weight & maintain it, is time to celebrate, so don’t be discouraged. If you’re struggling with … Continued

Can’t Lose Weight?

How consistent are you on the weekends? If you’re ‘on the path’ nutritionally during the week, but fall off track on the weekends, this could be the reason why you continue to ‘maintain’ your weight’. Rather than being super strict during the week, then feeling the need to binge on the weekend, you might do … Continued

Hidden Secret to Permanent Fat Loss

To lose weight you MUST be in a caloric deficit. There is no debating this fact.   When trying to lose weight so many of us focus on eating less and workout more. This can cause metabolic adaptation.   Exercise will only burn 5-10% of your daily calories and the body just becomes more effective … Continued

Why is My Weight Stuck?

  Have you been the same weight or is it slowly creeping up and you just don’t understand why?   Have you heard that your body has a ‘set point’ where weight is concerned so no matter what you do?   Well, this is called ‘set point theory’ and it suggests that our bodyweight is … Continued

5 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

Are you discouraged with little or no progress where your health and fitness are concerned?   Here are 5 mistakes to avoid…   1. Don’t do too much too soon – start slowly to avoid overwhelm, discouragement and the temptation to quit.   2. Don’t ‘just’ rely on the scale to determine progress. Look at … Continued

Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

❌Reasons you’re not losing weight❌ 🙄Are you discouraged with slow or NO weight loss?… . It could be due to… . 🔹Chronic dieting ➡️reduced metabolic rate… . 🔹Yo-yo dieting ➡️ lower metabolism… 😱start eating again➡️ gain weight on less calories… . 🔹Incorrect macros – the wrong quantities/quality food, too many carbs and fats and low … Continued