Weight Loss Press Conference

Are you counting non-scale victories? Weight loss isn’t linear & no weight loss can do a number on your head if you’re only using it as a measure of success. Weight loss will happen if you’re patient & when you focus on checking off these boxes… Consistent healthy nutrition in a calorie deficit Quality foods … Continued

Case Study: Helen

Don’t get caught up on the number on the scale! Meet Helen – her weight has changed minimally but she’s lost 18 inches! Her body shape has changed & she is SO much stronger & more energized. She’s one busy, kind hearted soul. She’s a mother of 4 and grandmother of 4 who works full … Continued

How to Use Your Weight As DATA

🤷‍♀️Did you weigh yourself today? There seems to be two schools of thought regarding weighing. The first school of thought is to use the number on the scale as data. The second more popular school of thought is to use the number on the scale to base your FULL IDENTITY😳 Which way to you think … Continued

You’re Special – But not THAT Special…

Sorry for the harsh message ahead. You’re special but probably not THAT special. I’m sorry that sounds harsh but hear me out. It seems that many are getting just a snippet of (mis)info and self-diagnosing some serious stuff. Some ‘coaches’ are even playing the fear card telling clients they are ‘broken’. The fact is, you … Continued

Non- Scale Victories and Weight Loss

Buckle down and stay the course…You’ve got this! A client was discouraged with a 6 lb weight loss so I wanted to encourage her and anyone else that’s feeling a bit discouraged at this point. A six pound loss (in 3 weeks) is a 2lb per week loss which is perfect for lasting fat loss. … Continued

Non-Scale Victories

Don’t give up on your healthy efforts and keep the scale in perspective. If you’re frustrated with slow progress, remember that there are other ways to measure progress than just the scale. At the end of the day, it’s all about health even though we all may want to improve our appearance. If we are … Continued