Non-Scale Victories

Don’t give up on your healthy efforts and keep the scale in perspective.

If you’re frustrated with slow progress, remember that there are other ways to measure progress than just the scale.

At the end of the day, it’s all about health even though we all may want to improve our appearance. If we are making healthy efforts to improve our health, eventually by working from the inside out, these efforts will be reflected in the mirror.

The benefits of solid nutrition and exercise are too many to count – before you have a meltdown that the scale isn’t moving fast enough, quantify things like:

  • improved strength
  • less cravings
  • feeling empowered
  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • improved blood lipids
  • healthy hair and nails
  • glowing skin
  • improved outlook
  • better fitting clothes
  • and on and on…

My Mom died an untimely premature death and I’m more motivated than ever to help women over 40 and their families avoid similar suffering. Had my Mom known some of the things that I teach in my book or through my courses, she would be with me today.

Here’s a short video I did in the parking lot of the lawyers office after signing the final papers as executor of her will. I miss my Mom and her sudden death reminds me of my purpose – I will use that loss to fuel my efforts to help others.

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of women in person and who have used my online programs like http://www.MyBikiniBelly

I can help YOU get results if you’re patient and are willing to be stay the course. Progress IS possible, one healthy change at a time.

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