Non- Scale Victories and Weight Loss

Buckle down and stay the course…You’ve got this!

A client was discouraged with a 6 lb weight loss so I wanted to encourage her and anyone else that’s feeling a bit discouraged at this point.

A six pound loss (in 3 weeks) is a 2lb per week loss which is perfect for lasting fat loss.

I know this doesn’t sound fun or sexy but you really don’t want those pounds to come back with friends immediately after any weight loss endeavor.

My advice to you is to stay the course. Many people start to get discouraged going into about the fourth week of a ‘diet’ or a nutrition plan.

Fat loss is definitely a long game.

Quick fat loss seems like a great idea, but the rebound weight gain is so devastating on top of killing your metabolism.

NON-SCALE victories are important too! Let’s understand that success includes more than just the scale or tape measure.

When all you consider in your weight loss journey is the number on the scale, you may not even notice the other ‘wins’ that are as important, or I would say MORE important than just your weight loss. It’s encouraging to quantify these things, especially when the number isn’t the ‘exact’ one you’re looking for each day.

Keep in mind that as you walk the healthy walk, things are happening below the surface, it may take a bit of time for things to be revealed on the scale. The result of healthy change starts at a cellular level first – just like spring is brewing beneath the surface of a winter snow so don’t give up. Be patient. Things are happening on it’s own schedule.

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