Red Wine to Reduce Menopausal Symptoms?

It’s true! The compound: resveratrol found in red wine can reduce menopausal symptoms. BUT, you’d have to drink 3L of wine to get the benefits from red wine alone. This type of consumption is NOT a healthy option – as fun as that may seem! So, don’t use the resveratrol excuse to chug bottles of … Continued

3 Solutions for Menopausal Joint & Muscle Pain

Declining estrogen can cause joint and muscle pain. But you don’t have to suffer! Here are three possible solutions: Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, including reducing sugar/processed foods. Supplement or eat a diet high in Omega 3’s. Talk to your doctor about menopause hormone replacement therapy. ‘Motion is lotion’ so don’t stop working out! Dealing with … Continued

Is It Menopause?

Is it menopause? Think you’re too young? Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for: anxiety brain fog forgetfulness headaches dry vagina low libido night sweats hot flashes sore joints muscle soreness weight gain around the middle bloating PMS worsening and more… Rule out other health issues, specifically insulin resistance and thyroid issues… … Continued

Two Hormones That Cause Menopause Belly

Don’t blame menopause for mid-life weight gain. Yes, menopause can complicate things, but, there are things you CAN control to help. For example, you can balance two hormones: insulin & cortisol. BTW, if anyone tries to help you balance estrogen with food, RUN! Exercise, food choices & timing, along with stress reduction & an increase … Continued

Menopausal Weight Gain? It’s Not What You Think

Don’t blame menopause. Your health issues may be something else… You can’t control estrogen/progestrone but you CAN other hormones… Insulin is one of them & you can use it to your advantage to control our weight… If insulin levels are out of control, you may develop insulin resistance & experience… 〰️Brain fog… 〰️High blood sugar… … Continued

Secret to Dropping a Dress Size

Want the secret to permanently dropping that dress size?… This is important to know, especially if you’re battling with menopause hormones…. Are you ready?… There’s actually NO secret… There’s no ONE secret to losing your menopause belly, magically dropping & keeping the weight off… Instead, it’s a series of SMALL changes that will help you … Continued

Is It Menopause??

Tough love & this may surprise you… There’s probably nothing medically wrong with you. Your inability to lose weight is likely connected to your habits & food choices. This is great news because for the most part, you’re in CONTROL of what you eat. I’m ALL for including all things in your diet, but not … Continued

Menopause & Your Glass of Wine: MY Drinking Rules

No food or drink item should be off limits, BUT, of course you need to exercise moderation with a healthy, sustainable plan. I like to enjoy a drink from time to time like many women. Here are MY rules: Stay hydrated – have an equal or greater amount of water for every alcoholic beverage. No … Continued

Menopause? Don’t Buy These…

Save your money. Instead, invest it in education & accountability. Menopause is just a phase, like puberty that we just have to get through. We can make it easier by eating healthy foods, adding reasonable exercise, reducing stress & protecting sleep. No pill, powder or potion is gonna magically ‘cure’ menopause or make symptoms go … Continued

Does Metabolism Tank After Age 40?

Did you turn 40 & BAM the belly fat piled on? While this is common, it doesn’t have to be the case. Typically we tend to lose a little lean muscle as we age so (if we’re lucky), we may weigh the same amount, but with the body composition change, we burn less calories. So, … Continued