Red Wine to Reduce Menopausal Symptoms?

It’s true! The compound: resveratrol found in red wine can reduce menopausal symptoms.

BUT, you’d have to drink 3L of wine to get the benefits from red wine alone.

This type of consumption is NOT a healthy option – as fun as that may seem!

So, don’t use the resveratrol excuse to chug bottles of red wine…

But, the good news is that reseveratrol supplementation MAY be an option for you to:

  • reduce pain
  • increase feelings of well being
  • protect against cognitive decline
  • reduce inflammation
  • lower LDL cholesterol
  • prevent insulin resistance

Check with your health practitioner to see if resveratrol is right for you.

*This is NOT a paid ad of any sort – just informing you of the potential for some menopause symptom relief.

Here are the studies I found supporting these findings:

Wong, R. H., Evans, H. M., & Howe, P. R. (2017). Resveratrol supplementation reduces pain experience by postmenopausal women. Menopause, 24(8), 916-922.

Evans, H. M., Howe, P. R., & Wong, R. H. (2017). Effects of resveratrol on cognitive performance, mood and cerebrovascular function in post-menopausal women; a 14-week randomised placebo-controlled intervention trial. Nutrients, 9(1), 27.

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