Menopause & Your Glass of Wine: MY Drinking Rules

No food or drink item should be off limits, BUT, of course you need to exercise moderation with a healthy, sustainable plan.

I like to enjoy a drink from time to time like many women. Here are MY rules:

  1. Stay hydrated – have an equal or greater amount of water for every alcoholic beverage.
  2. No calories in the mix – alcohol already is full of calories, choose water or club soda as a mixer.
  3. Day drinking! Kidding (sorta), enjoy a drink well before bedtime so as not to disturb sleep.
  4. Choose either a drink OR dessert, not always both!

Always keep your goals in mind & limit your consumption to support your goals.

If you need some support, I gotchu! I can teach you how to enjoy a glass of wine AND reach your goals. Let’s talk: